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Muslim Terrorists "Probing" Security of American Schools
most recent in MOORE, Oklahoma
by Randal M. Bundy - 01 October 2014
Muslim Terrorists Probing American School Security
Police and School officials through out the entire country should be on alert and provide Police Security at All school.  In Moore, Oklahoma the following incident has occured and only recently has been reported to the public and news sources:

........... incident was not reported to police until Sept. 26. Police held a press conference Wednesday afternoon regarding the incident. Police described the person as an Arab male in his 40s with a thick Arabic accent. They say while he was on campus the man contacted two students and a teacher and asked "suspicious" questions.

According to Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis, who spoke during the press conference, the man was able to get inside of the school through an unlocked door at the entrance of the performing arts building. The entire incident only lasted approximately three or four minutes.

...........Police refuse to disclose what questions he was asking, but multiple sources have told News Reporters, the man was asking questions about how many police officers worked there on a normal basis and how close the nearest police department was.

This should serve as a warning to all Americans across the entire country.  We know that because of the stupidity of our political leadership that Muslim Terrorists have been immigrating to our country for many years under the pretext of being refugees and displaced war victims.  We also know they have been infiltrating across the Mexican border that Obama has deliberately left wide open for anyone to just stroll on through.  Now the threat is real, it is here and attack from them is immanent.  

What they are doing is what should have been predicted, they are "Probing" for weaknesses in our security, the same as an enemy would probe a military bases camp perimiter for weaknesses in prepareation for an attack.

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