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Muslim Terrorists inside Britain
Decapitate Another Innocent Victim
By Randal M. Bundy September 04, 2014

Nicholas Salvador
Woman found beheaded in north London named as Palmira Silva
Man arrested on suspicion of murder after police find 82-year-old victim in back garden of property in Edmonton


If you read the British Papers, watched their Television Reports and Listened to their radio you would have absolutely NO knowledge that the attacker was actually Black and you would also have no way of knowing that he was Muslim and this was in fact both a Killing for Racial Reasons as well as For Religious Reasons.  Yes it was the attackers own person Jihad. 

In fact if you were ignorant enough to just believe what the British Newspapers tell you, you might have the impression that the assailant was White Skinned, Blond Blue Eyes young British Lad who maybe lost his mind while under the influence of Alcohol or drugs.

Now the British News Media are not the only ones guilty of Propaganda and Covering is the truth and also straight out lying about the facts.  The American Media is guilty of the same thing.

Edmonton, London England Attack Scene

In this case you would be hard pressed to actually find in any of the articles even the slights description.

This deliberate omission of facts leaves the naive public totally uninformed and it is by design.  You see the British Officials and the News Media are hoping that the British People have as short of attention spans as their American Cousins do and forget about this horror that has struck their country.  The Question that just begs to be asked is, “ Was the assailant Muslim?  “Was He Black"?  The answer to both of those questions is a simple YES! 

Britain, like American has,  out of kindness in the past permitted an influx of Immigrants to their country.  There were people like me and many other sane and rational people who tried to point out that the cultural and religious differences of those immigrants to our people and society were so drastically different that the act of permitting them to come to our countries would actually be placing our own people and society at risk.

I was right then and I am right today.  The evidence proves that what I said then and am still saying proves that I am right.

Yet the British Public are still not permitted to have firearms.  That's right I harp back on the subject of guns, but if this poor unfortunate woman would have been armed, she could possibly be alive today. 

The Black Muslim decapitated her in her own yard.  Yes that's right he beheaded her in the same fasion that Lee Rigby was slaughtered.  If my words offends or shocks anyone, then perhaps that shock will wake up the decent law biding people of of Britain.  The British People need to take control of their Government and the legislatiion of their society.  They need to demand the right to Own and Carry Firearms for their own protection.  They also need to change the laws that prosecute someone who uses a weapon to defend themselves and their property as it is absolutely rediculous to expect you citizens to NOT fight back when they have been assaulted and their lives are at risk.  Every Radical Homicidle Muslim in Britain knows that 99.9% of the British Public are unarmed and helpless against an assaulant with a knife or a machety.

Furthermore if you want to bring your society back to a somewhat safe society, then you must to deport those who were brought to your country by the idiots of the past who subscribed to this suicidal doctrin of Multicuturalism.  If you do not then one day very soon you, the real people of Britain will the ones who will find themselves as refugees fleeing their own land because your political leaders of the past invited your natural enemies to come and essentially invade your home country.  National Suicide is what it is.  It is also suicide of your society, your religion, your language and your way of life.  If the old days these people were called savages.  It may sound like a harsh word to use, but it is an accurate and true word to use to describe them as compared to the average Real British.


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