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More Mainstream Media Lies, Manipulation and Surpressing Facts
In other words they are deliberately attempting to Create Racial Conflict

The Death of Mr. Eric Garner in New York died as a result of the Liberal Politicians running the city and state of New York.  It is they who passed a law making it illegal to buy a pack of cigarets and then breaking up the pack and selling each cigarette individually, thus making a little profit for themselves.  The police Brass were order to enforce this ridiculous law and the individual low ranking Police Officer on the street was order to enforce it.  

This death of the individual Mr. Eric Garner had nothing to do with race of either the person being arrested who resisted arrest nor the Police Officer who was attempting to make the arrest.  It is important to realize that it is the Liberal Politicians who make the Laws and liberals who run the cities who are to blame for this.  Now regarding the Police Officers on the street level, the immediate supervisor on site was a Black Female and Additionally some of the Backup Officers were also Black, and it is these types of details the Leftist Liberal Media is deliberately withholding from the public.  

I agree that the entire matter of arresting someone who is selling individual cigarettes from their cigarette pack is a ridiculous waist of time and manpower that could otherwise be diverted to actually targeting the real criminals and Terrorist who permeate the Streets through out the State of New York and the City of New York.

As for the NYPD Officer and the NYPD in general, my criticism is that they do perhaps need to learn a little more patience and tone their temperament some.  The man was certainly resisting arrest, but he was not attempting to flee and he was not violent.  Perhaps a little more time could have been afforded to him in order to let him calm down and accept his being arrested. - Randal M. Bundy - 04 December 2014

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