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Monica Crowley Speaks with Courage and Truth
by Randal M. Bundy
Monica Crowley

Finally we have a major Conservative figure in the News Media, "Monica Crowley" that has the courage to actually speak the truth and say publically what you and I have known for many years.  During a Broadcast on "The Hannity Show" on Fox News Channel she said,

"This is a Holy War, Whether it's Politically Correct to say it or Not"

Monica Crowley is refering the war The United States and Other Countries have been fighting since the 9-11 Muslim attacks on the world trade center and the Pentagon and many attacks since which have been covered up by both administartions since.  She is also refering to Obama'a release of five the enemies Top Taliban Leaders which the US has held as prisoners in exchange for one American Soldier "Bowe Bergdahl who is believed to have turned Deserter and Traitor.

Monica Crowley is in fact absolutely correct and truthful and has more courage and Patriotism than most of the other News Media Talking Heads who claim to be Conservative and Patriots.

01 - This War that we are involved in is in fact a "HOLY WAR" as defined by the enemy themselves and

02 - Political Correctness is hindering our Country's ability to fight and win this war

I would even go further in saying that the reason Obama did make this deal and exchange and in secret was because Obama is in fact a muslim, he has more sympathy and toward Muslims and his alliegence is toward Islam and not the United States.

I would also asert that the act of releasing these enemy prisoners of such high level in clear violation of the Law by not consulting and gaining approval from Congress as Required is not only a criminal act by is more importantly a clear act of Treason committed by Obama himself.  Obama is in fact a classic example of, "The Manchurian Candiadate.

Now regarding the matter of Holy war, It is our enemy themselves who has declaired this a Holy War long ago and that enemy has never denounced or reversed that as their goal.  For those who do not yet understand this, let me spell it out for you in clear language.  The Goal of Islam and the Muslims who adhere to Islamic Teaching and Doctrine is to intent to invade, conquor and dominate all countries that are non-muslim.  Those non-muslims who they conquor who do not denounce their religions and convert to islam will be slaughtered.  

You should know that by the high rate of immigration of Muslims into the United States and other Western Countries, and combined with their high rate of reproduction, they are achiving this goal.  If the stupidity on the part of our political leaders to continue allowing them to immigrate to our countries, they will have, in time achieved their objectives and goals.  In time they will be fighting us in our streets, right here in our own country.  History is the proof that I site and there own stated goals and objectives they have declaired.  

As for history consider Lebanon and every other country in the world where they have been allowed to immigrate to or taken by force as in past history they have sought to conquor.
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