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Militias are "The People"
by Randal M. Bundy

The Militias are "The People"- by Randal M. Bundy

Will there be a violent Revolution in the United States?  Many people are asking this question now and many are changing the way they use to think about this possibility.  Remember that it was the leftists who were striving for power and are well known to have advocated violent revolution to gain power.  Now that the leftists have occupied the Presidency and the Government in the US, they are labeling anyone on the right who speaks out against them as being Terrorists.  According the leftists US Government, even our returning veterans are considered potential terrorists and the DHS has sent memos to police departments advising they be placed on a "Watch List" and their activities be monitored.  NRA members, Tea Party members, conservative groups and anyone else expresses disagreement with the Obama Administration and Government are all considered Terrorist, including our own children should they too disagree with anything the Dictator Obama advocates. So to use quote well known to all,

 "When peaceful Revolution becomes impossible because of Tyrannical Oppression,
then Violent Revolution Becomes inevitable." 

Militias are "The People"

The line that used to be said by the silent majority of the past was, "It could never happen here".  That was a thought of the past that has been proven now to be naive.  I could list the multitude of illegal and unconstitutional actions being committing every day by this Tyrannical Dictatorship of Obama and administration of hand picked cronies who have filled all Government Agencies and bureaucracies.  Clearly it was an intended and organized overthrow and destruction of the American that was traditional.  

All those who have usurped the US Government have in the past subscribed to the Marxist Doctrines and if you dig deep you will also find that the long term intent is an Annihilation of not  only the liberties and freedoms of this country, but also a large portion of the population itself.  Colleges of Obama and his cronies who he has brought into government positions have subscribed to a doctrine which says very clearly that they intend to send 1/3 of the population to "reeducation Camps to be reprogrammed"  1/3 will be those who already are hard core supporters who will be the new elite and ruling class and 1/3 who are deemed to be unsuccessful in re-education and will be slaughtered, yes annihilated the same as in Nazi Concentration death camps and also what happened in the Former Soviet Union gulags and also in Communist Moe lead China.  This is the plan, and this is what they support.

The Militias are the people who are loyal to what American used to be.  It is they who will be standing between those whose intent is this horrible nightmare which they intend to effect and it is the Militias who will be the ones who do save the Country and the Republic itself.

We all hope that it will never come to an all our civil war and a war of liberation, but personally I see no other way that we can save this country from the fate that those currently in the Federal Government have in store for us all.

We can not count of law enforcement actually coming to our rescue, we can not count of the US Military protecting us, for they have already suffered a purge of it ranks by the Obama Administration where vast amounts of senior military officers have been dismissed or forced to retire because when asked by the questionnaire send out by the Obama Administration, would you be willing to fire on your own country men and kill your fellow country men if called upon to do so.  Those who answered no, well their careers were thus ended.  The police generally speaking will also comply with the Tyrannical Dictators as police have done so in all Marxist Violent Take over’s, they have slaughtered countless of their own people and their defense when finally prosecuted was, we were only following orders.

The Militias are the people.  The militias can not be subordinate to Federal and often not even to state officials if it comes down to the states submitting to Federal Authority.  In the end what will save this country from a certain doom will be the citizen militias, the resistance groups, the Partisan Fighter in the hills, The guerilla Fighter and the Freedom Fighters.

Some of them will be former Military who refuse to comply and have defected , some will be former police Officers for the same reasons, some will be former Government employees and Officials, all of whom refused to go along with the persecution of their own fellow citizens.

The last time this type of Patriot Revolution occurred was during the War Between the States and before that the Revolutionary War against Britain.  

To quote Thomas Jefferson in his letter to William Stephens Smith, Paris, 13 Nov. 1787

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time
with the blood of patriots and tyrants".

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