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Military Topics - LRRPs (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol)
by Randal M. Bundy - 28 November 2014

This subject is of particular special interest for me as when I was in the US Army I ran a LRRP's Platoon.   The LRRPs seen in this video above would have been the same generation and high caliber that would have trained and taught me and the other LRRP's that I served with. 

Now in this video they mention that the LRRPs were absorbed by the Rangers Units, but this was not the case in the Units that I was in.  Many Intelligence Battalions, Caverlry Units and even Tank Battalions did maintain their own individual LRRP's Platoons and the small groups were known as Teams.  Usually these LRRP's were selected from the standard scout platoons, as was true in my case.  My original enlisted MOS was 19D, which was known as a Cavarly Scout.  

When I voluntered for LRRP's I had already become Airborne Qualified and after acceptence I attended many specialized training course such as French Commando Training, Australian Commando Training and of course Recondo School.  Additionally I recieved some still classified training at particular Inteligence Agency facilities at Fort Belvoir, Virginia;, Langley, Virginia; Fort George G. Meade, Maryland as well as Fort Bragg, North Carolina..  Although there is still in effect a non-disclosure agreement which I signed, the above mention does not violate that agreement and so all information in this article is what I can safely get away with saying.

The Intelligence Battalion that I served in was part of the 82nd Airborne Division and the LRRP's platoons were always kept separate from the rest of the Battalion.  No one in the regular Battalion was authorized inside of our compound and the compound itself was unlike most of the other unites, never labeled with a name at the entrance to the compound.  Anyone who had a need to know what the compound actually was and who we were, already knew and those who didn't know had no need to know. 

I was never was part of the Rangers or special forces although we did receieve a great deal of training from both of those military organizations.  The LRRPs are in fact a completely different animal than those units.  That is a typical Army Term meaning, our missions are often much different than the Ranger’s and SF Units.  

As mentioned early on in this video most one of the MOS’s who the LRRP's are selected from are the Cavalry Scouts, which was my initial MOS, “19Delta“.  After becoming Airborne of course my MOS was designation was 19Delta-P which simply means Parachutist indicating Airborne Qualified. 

In the video they mention that the LRRPs were renamed as LRSPs, which stands for Long Range Surveillance Patrol but I never was aware of this and it was not the case with us or our unite.  We were proudly known as LRRPs partially out of Great Respect and admiration for the LRRP's who came before us and were the ones who trained us. 

The Scout Unites through out the US Army tended to attract many American Indians from all of the tribes.  For them the Scouts seem to be a tradition and since many of the LRRP's came from the Scouts, my LRRP's Platoon and Teams had a high percentage of American Indians from all tribes and especially from the Navajo and Cherokee Tribes.  They were a great benefit to our LRRP’s Unites and knowledge and training received from simply being around them gave us a special edge above foreign unites who did not have such valuable resources.

Now although the LRRP's primary mission was intelligence gathering, they were also much more than that.  Sometimes they would be called upon to perform certain types of operations other than their primary mission .  For that reason our teams also went through special types of sniper training as well as demolitions and even specialized assassination training, which was sponsored by two different "Three Letter Alphabet Agencies" which will remain remain un-named here.  Many of us also had the opportunity to attend the the French Commando School, and yes, it was sponsored by actual “French Commandos”.  So the LRRP's were in fact very highly trained and skilled in a vast area of fields, although they never recieved the same Glorified Recognition and advertising that other unites did, such as  the Army Rangers and Special Forces, or the Navy Seals and Marine Recon.  This was actually by design and was preferred by them and their command.

LRRPs Phantom Warriors

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