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Michelle Obama and a Desert Cactus
Michelle Obama Refuses to Wear Headscarf in Saudi Arabia
by Randal M. Bundy - 28 January 2015
Michelle Obama and a Desert Cactus
During the Obama's visit to pay homage to the deceased Saudi King, Michelle Obama makes History in Saudi Arabia by refusing to wear a head scarf.  In what is probably the only time that I personally have ever seen a westerner and non-muslim actually have enough courage to assert their GOD given right to do so.  It is after all fine for the Muslims if they want to observe that tradition, but we in the western world should not pay homage to them or to Islam by also observing an Islamic religious custom.  It would be an act of condoning the treatment of woman as inferior and subservient to men. We in the west do and should reject it completely since we consider woman in our society to be our equals.  It is of course the same with their religion, don't try to impose it upon the rest of us.  It would be the same if they showed me dung from a camel and tell me that it is a fruit from an olive tree, sorry I know better.
Michelle Obama and a Desert Cactus
Now I am not advising regular people who travel to any Muslim country to do this, since you and I would not have political immunity as members of the U.S. Government do and it would end in your being arrested by their Religious Police and you would end up in a very unpleasant Saudi Jail.  So when in their country you and I should observe their customs.  The same should also hold true for them in our country, they should not be permitted to wear any veil or head covering that hides their face and identity.

History has also been made here in the United States as finally I have found something that Michael Obama has actually done that I personally approve of and commend her for.  I know what you must be thinking, "Oh my God, Bundy has gone over to the other side" or "Bundy has totally lost his mind", but No not so fast now.  Remember that a desert cactus will also flower will on occasion actually produce a very beautiful flower, but that doesn't mean it's time to throw caution to the wind and run up to hug that thorny cactus.  Sure you can admire the beauty of a cactus but remember those thorns will still tear you up so it is advisable to admire that rare cactus flower from a safe distance.

I also take note that Barack Obama shook hands with Saudi's who were attending the funeral of the deceased king.  This custom which is a social greeting of ours and in most of the non-muslim world, of course is also highly unusual and probably inappropriate according to Muslim Social and Religious customs and traditions.  What exactly the significance of this is somewhat puzzling to me since I know for certain that since Obama did grow up at least part of his life in a Muslim country that he is fully aware of what he was doing.  However just like Michelle refusing to wear a head scarf, it is probably the only time in the past 7 years that he too has actually deserved any sort of commendation from me.

I can't wait to read and hear news reports and commentary from the Muslims Press on both of these particular events.

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