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Michael Brown and the Ferguson Police Shooting Incidendent
Truth is the first victim and none of the facts really matter the some people
by Randal M. Bundy - 17 August, 2014

Michael Brown dead in the street
Michael Brown lays dead in the street after committing strong armed robbery of convienient store and being confronted by Officer Darren Wilson
I say quite simply that "truth is the first victim and facts really don't matter" because the death of this man whose life ended with him laying face down and dead in the street means a payday for the fraudulent so called "civil rights leaders" who are now involved.  As for the New Black Panthers", this gives them more fuel for the fires of a "race war" which is clearly their objective and goal.

I have refrained from lengthy comments regarding this unfortunate shooting since the incident and have
instead just let the situation evolve and play itse out in the media circus.  I have publicized the various articles and videos regarding the death and the riots and looting which followed.  However I will now give my assessment of this matter based upon what I have read, seen, reported on and my gut feeling.  Part of my gut feeling is based upon the history that I have collected from many past incidents and the similarities between them and this one. The similarities between all of them are significant and I have see in them over the past 50 years that I have been aware. 

Let's look at the matter as though we were jurors in a court trial or perhaps as an investigator who would be called upon to look into the facts.  We must look at the Who, What, Why, and How but to answer the all important question of why, we must explore the past and what led up to the incident.

First and foremost let's disregard anything for the time being the victim's mother, family and friends might say about the deceased Michael Brown.  They all would most likely describe him as, "a good kid" or "a perfect angel", or as I have heard them say, "he was a gentle giant". However the guy at the convienient store who was a victim of Michael Brown's Strong Armed Robbery might disagree.  I also am sure that we would all agree that parents of teen age children do not always know what there children are actually doing and how those children truly behave toward others while they are outside of the immediate presence of that parent.

Second we must also disregard what ever so called "Black Civil Rights Leaders" and "Civil Rights Activists" have to say on the matter.  These people's have personal motives that usually in some way involve money or power for getting involved when they really know nothing about the shooting nor anyone involved, either the victim nor the police officer.  The people I refer to are those like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the many other lesser known race baiters and civil agitators. 

Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton
the usual race baiter's show up on the scene, like snakes crowing out of their holes

There is always a pattern that I have seen with these race baiters and it has existed ever since, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton have been in the business of "Race Baiting".  Any time in the United States, when you have a black person who has been shot and killed by a "White Police Officer", then these two characters surface.  Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton and others are all predators just like a snake in a hole who smell a rodent that has wandered too close to their hole.  The snake knows that what he smells is his next meal.  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton know the death of the Black Person at the hands of a White Police Officer means they will eventially receive a pay check in the end when the city eventually choosing to settle a law suit out of court. 

For the family of the dead, it means "public attention" and both Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are experts at getting attention from the media and milking it for all they can get.  Both of these shysters and their representatives have already gotten to the family members of the deceased and made a deal with them in exchange for their "participation and there efforts" in keeping the death of the son, brother, father, or whatever connections they have with the victim or the deceased alive while the their law suit works its way through the system and eventially is "setteled out of court".  Innocents of the police officer does not matter, and the deceased will always be portrayed as the victim of an "oppressive white police force".  Who will ultimately have to pay?  That's right it is the city and the deep pockets of their insurance company that covers them and any wrongful death.  Get the picture now?  Nothing more that a well constructed insurence scam.  When that check arrives it will most like go to an attorney and that attorney already is aware of contracturaal agreements with the deceased's family that Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton individually or collectively get paid a percentage.

These Two Characters Jessie Jackson and Al Sharton are actually business competitors along with other so called civil rights leaders. That'st right, race baiting is a very profitable business which both have learned and perfected over the years.  However just like Lawyers who chase ambulances for a living, there does have to be someone with deep pockets at fault or at least their insurance companies have to. 

Now there are others who are also involved in this matter such as the mainstream media who have already begun their own spinning of the truth and facts in the matter, including the rewriting of the history of both the dead person  and the police officers.  When they are finish with the rewriting they will transform the street punk, Michael Brown into the angel who was victimized by the Police Officer.  They have already begun with their rewriting of the history of the police officers, as I have found written in the Washington Post dated August 16, 2014 titled:

Michael Brown
Michael Brown with a gun pointed at the camera and a mouth full of drug money cash

We have young Police Officers, Darren Wilson, 28 whose photograph is from the Facebook page of Wilson's parents, who congratulated him for receiving a Police commendation.  "Very proud of my son, Darren Wilson on his receiving a Commendation from his Police Department. Congratulations Son."

I can not say for certain exactly how long Officer Wilson has been on the force but I think I read tthat he had been a police officer for about 6 years.

Darren Wilson Police Officer

Now obviously we see from the display of both of these photos that the victim is black and the police officers was white.  If these facts were reversed then none of what is happened would exist.  Jessie Jackson and Al Shaprton would be no where found, no one would be rioting, looting, burning businesses down.  There would be absolutely no outcry and the news media too would be no where found.  The incident might be mentioned on page 6 at best.  I have seen just such situation numbering about 10 in the Greater Cincinnati Area, including in a neighboring town about 12 mile from my home.

Now I personally have been either pulled over by police a number of occasions over the coarse of my life and I have also been confronted by police while on the street when I was doing absolutely nothing at all.  My general attitude toward them at the time was to do what I refer to as, "Yes Sir Them To Death".  After all I have no real desire to escalate any confrontation with them since I have no “death wish“ and I have never been a “Wanna-Be-Gangster“ trying to establish a reputation for myself..  I also maintained a sense calm when speaking to and a attitude of respect for the police even though I did not agree with what they were doing.  I choose instead to pay a visit to the city Mayor the next morning to launch a complaint and with the Mayor’s suggestion the next day I also met with the chief of police and the Mayor to launch an “official complaint” against the police officer for “harassment“.  So there are in fact right and correct ways of going about battling police oppression.

From the descriptions I have read from both the police officers reports and from key eye witness, this was not the same attitude that the young Michael Brown had when he was confronted by police officer Michael Brown.  As a matter of fact the attitude and actions of Mr. Brown were one of confrontation, disrespect and total disregard.  I suspect that the motive for the behavior of Michael Brown and the obvious hostility and the threat he did present toward the police officer was his desire to impress the other person who accompanied him that night.  We also know that the other person who was with him, was also with him when he committed the strong armed robbery of the convenient store.
Michael Brown Robbery
Michael Brown identified as committing a strong arm robbery prior to his encounter with Police

One witness even described that he at one point even charged to police officer and thus presented that officer with a situation to where he had to react in such a way as to prevent the assailant from possibly over powering him which could very well have left the officer unconscious and the assailant in possession of the officers gun.  If that seems doubtful then consider the so called “knock-out game” which has been playing out across the entire United States, in which the assailant, usually a black man assaulting a white person.  We see time and time again that in most cases one punch properly placed upon the victims head is all it takes to knock them out.  Thus the name, "Knock Out Game". 

I believe that when the toxicology report comes back from the lab that it will show the presence of the presence of either drugs or alcohol or both.  This could very well have altered Michael Browns  behavior which ultimately led to his death.  The situation with the convenient store tell me that he was a "Wanna-be Gangster" and that he exercised violence and total disregard for anyone else.  After all that convenient store owner is just trying to make a living for himself and feed his family.

As a result of poor judgment on the part of Brown himself, he is now dead.  As a result of people jumping to conclusions and partially because of their own racism toward white people generally, there actions led to the riots, the looting and the violence that occurred.  Many business owners, black and white in that city may have lost their businesses and thus their ability to make a living a feed their families.  Additionally the city itself ends up spending tax payer money in police over time pay and  other expenses involved in maintaining order and safety in the city.  As for the various people who have joined the rally of condemnation of the Ferguson Police Department in addition to the usual race baiters who smell blood money for them, they also include the New Black Panthers as well as many others who have a racial motive in all of this to fuel racial discourse and friction between black and white societies.

As for justification, it is easy for reporters, politicians, so called civil rights leaders, and other to speculate about what should have been the police reaction on the part of Officer Brown.  They are like arm chair warriors telling people how a war should be fought from the safety of their own air conditioned homes and offices. 
However if I was a police officer in any similar situation, I would have reacted the exact same way as Officer Wilson did.  A police officer can not allow anyone to enter into a distance that is close enough for them to administer an attack or eve a punch upon that officer, such as occurred with the knock out game, that all of the “Wanna-be-Gangsters" use.  I certainly could never allow them to take my gun. I would have in fact shot the bastard the same as the Police Officer had done.

Now generally speaking I do not have a problem with your typical police officer nor the police in general. Without Laws and Police the regular populous of law bidding citizens would be preyed upon my by "Brutish Thugs" like Michael Brown.  Evidence of this is contained in the video tape of strong armed robbery which he committed at the convenient store and his physical abuse of the victim.  The weak and helpless would not be safe even in their own homes, let alone walking to the local store.

However I do have strong resentment against the police that have become militarized over the past 50 years that I am aware of.  I am also against the "whitteling away" of the civil rights of the American people by the police and the political leadership of both political parties and particularly the democrats.  I also have a problem with the political leadership saying that we must forfeit some of our constitutional rights because of Terrorism when it is the fault of the political leadership for allowing the immigration of people to our country who are from Islamic Countries.  We should all know by now that although every Muslim is not a terrorist, almost all Terrorists are Muslims.  Furthermore when we allow the immigration of people from third world countries who do not respect laws in their own countries but somehow we think they would respect ours, this is the fault of the leadership in our country on all levels.  The true death statistics of Americans killed, raped and assaulted in our country by immigrants, illegal and legal is deliberately being censored by the Government and the Mass Media as well.  Statistics of racial crimes committed by blacks against whites also are deliberately not being reported by the Government and Mass Media in our country also fails to report on it, while they are in fact completely aware of it.

If there is a revolution in which we will throw all the bastards our, dissolve the police departments, fire most of the current law enforcement officers, then I would be right there among those revolutionists and if I were to be killed in the fighting, then that is just the cost I would have to pay.  If there is ever a race war, in this United States as a result of the deliberate provocation of the race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and the provocations of the New Black Panthers and the “Nation of Islam“, then I know what side I would be fighting on.  A race war would in fact eventually be devastating to the entire population and I find this to be regrettable because it really does not have to be.  I also know that people like me and others who do write about the possibilities of it really have no way of prevent it and all we can do is try to be prepared for it.

I will more articles and commentary on this subject as time goes on.


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