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Michael Bloomberg's Big Failure at Gun Control
goes back to his Private Business
By Randal M. Bundy September 04, 2014

Bloomburg "calls it quites" - MICHAEL BLOOMBERG RETURNS TO PRIVATE BUSINESS AS GUN CONTROL PUSH IS FAILING - With gun control failing nationally, The New York Times reports that Michael Bloomberg is heading back to private business at Bloomberg L.P.

Backlash, Backlash, Backlash!  Iin a world and time when the entire world is at threat by those who would if given the chance anniolate every single Chritian, Jew, and any other non-Muslim, only those who are insane or in league with the evil of the world would actually advocate the disarming of the entire population. - That is the advocates of "Gun Control are".  Michael Michael Bloomberg is is at the top of the dirt pile of "Gun Control Advocates"
 He spent his own money to push for guin control, set up an organization to collect fund and contributions for it.  His attempt was to turn Texas into a Democrat Majority.  The State which has traditionally always been conservative and is firmly in the hands of more intelligent and competend  people.

So go ahead Bloomberg, spend your money uselessly.  I hope you practice the same careless spending in your own private businesses the same as the left wing media who are all about bankrupt by now. You see most of the problem with leftists like Bloomberg is that they truly are so far out of touch with not only the American People, but also the entire world.  As life time elietists they have lived their lives out of touch with reality.  Reality tells us that in this beautiful world we live in, there are truly some very ugly people, very rthless and dangerous people, crimnals, tyrants and dictators as well as radical Muslims.  Reality tells us that we must always be vigilant against these threats to us as individuals and as people.  We must cherish the peaceful times, but always be prepaired for the next war.  We must always maintain a suitable and sizable Military for defenseive purposes but also be prepared to strike out at the beast whenever it becomes an iminent threat.

Bloomberg and people like him are twisted in some way that only a pycologist with alot of time on his hands would be able to actually figure out.  With Bloomberg, as with most leftists anti-gun folks truly statistiscs regarding facts just don;t seem to matter with them.  We can recite FBI Statistics that clearly indicate that an armed society is a far safer society than one that is disarmed and hepless.  It does not matter because bloomberg is beating a horse that has been declared dead now for decades.  I will say again that when Law Bidding Citizens are armed, then their society is safer than if the laws dictate this nonsense that no one may own a gun.  These types of anti-gun advocates and politicians who somehow creep their way into politics openly violate the Constitution and even when the supreme court stricks down their illegala laws, the still pursist in harrassing the law biding citizens.

The American people in overwelming majority have rejected Bloombergs plans of disarming the citizens and have demanded the right to own and bear firearms as asserted in the Constitution.  In my opionion any law enforcement agency who violates states laws which permit as an example there citizens to open carry firearms, should be emediately and errevocabley fired, right along with the chief who permitted it.

We have a illegal president who has deliberately left the southern border wide open for illegal aliens, drug cartel members, ruthless mexican gangs, and now we find out ISIS is located in mass directly across the Border at El Paso and other areas along the border.  We also are fully aware that Obama and his henchmen are still trying to find a way to disarm the American Citizens.  The result would be that every criminal in the United States, Mexico and the entire world would know that wherever they decide to home invade the citizens would be unarmed and helpless.  Every woman who might be walking to the corner store, the rapist would also know that she would be unarmed and helpless.  No where in the entire country would it be safe, except perhaps for those Congressmen and woman and the President and other government officials who could afford their own private security forces paid for by you the unarmed tax payer.


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