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Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, Arizona

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Mexico-U.S. Border unable to Secure? Nonsense
by Randal M. Bundy - 28 September 2014
U.S. Mexican Border
The U.S. - Mexican Border section shown here is an Insult to the Intelligence of the American People.  All an individual would have to do is just hop over one little rickety fence (on the right)  and then hop over what looks to be some sort of barricade.  While the illegal alien is doing that he can enjoy "enjoy a good laugh" at the so called “border fence” he just so leisurely hopped over to cross into the "Promised Land". The authorities responsible for this joke might as well have not even bothered with the effort.  I think even someone in a wheel chair could probably figure out how to get over both of these minor obstacles.
If the Bureaucrats who run our Government are truly unable to secure the U.S.- Mexico border, as they have insisted is the case, then they should be fired from their jobs on the basis of Incompetence as well as Violating National Security. Perhaps they should be assigned a job with a task much easier to perform with success, such as picking up litter along the highways.

The total length of the U.S. border with Mexico scans 1,954 miles, however the Border Patrol agents only have "effective control" of less that 700 miles.  According to those figures that leaves 1,254 miles of unmonitored and unprotected border land where anyone can just walk right in.  This of course included an army of drug cartel members and Muslim Terrorist such as ISIS and Al Qaeda.  Hell an entire army could just stroll right in and take up residence.  
U.S.-Mexican Border
Now above photo shows a typical day on the border with this illegal alien trying to, "jump the border" by scaling over it.  There is actually a very good remedy for this type of illegal entry across our border, its called "Concertina Wire" or simply "Razor Wire".  Believe me, this little guy may have made it to the top of that fence, but physically negotiating his way over Concertina Wire, would have been an absolute impossible task for him. 
Consertina Wire / Razor Wire
The US Military has been using "Concertina Wire" for a very long time to keep people out of a military protected perimeter and Prisons use it keep prisoner in a confined area.  

If it was tasked with "Securing the Border", I would have one roll of wire on top of that fence and one roll on the ground at the base of the fence on the U.S. side.  Now those "Progressives" favoring "Open Borders" might attempt to claim this as "Cruel and Inhuman".  However it really is not, since any fool standing on the Mexican side of the border, looking up at the top of that fence and seeing  the Concertina Wire smiling back down at them and another roll on the other side at the base of the fence, will quickly conclude it is "Just Not Worth the Risk".  They would turn around and go back home.  If we are serious about "Border Security" which we should be, then this is an approach to the solve the problem.   

The same "Progressives" favoring "Open Borders" might also argue about the financing of such a major project encompassing 1,954 miles of the border.  The fact is our Country cannot afford to continue to ignore this problem that is in fact a financial drain upon our country.  And beyond the simple financial aspect, these illegal’s who arrive here are non-English speaking, Non-Educated, Non-skilled and therefore the odds of them actually securing employment is  almost nonexistent.  So what we will be doing is increasing the ranks of "The dependent class" who rely upon the welfare and public assistance paid for of course by those of us who do work and pay taxes.  This makes absolutely no sense to me and should not to anyone else.  

The money saved in the long run by stopping this illegal alien invasion and drain upon our welfare and public assistance would finance the building and maintaining of the Security of our borders. Furthermore perhaps instead of releasing all of those illegal immigrants into our American Population to wait for some distant court date, they could be transport to confined camps along the border and require them to string this wire as a compensation for the violation of our immigration laws and burdening our country by drawing  welfare which they should not be entitled to.  Furthermore if run like a military type base, they would be well fed and take care of in exchange for their services and perhaps even a reasonable amount for their labor.

Now of course the "Bleeding Heart Liberals"  would object to this plan but my counter to their crying would be the fact that these illegal’s would actually be living far better here in these camps and building the proper and secure border, than they had while they were in their own home countries.  Certainly 3 square meals and a nice military cot to sleep in would be far better than the hunger and dirt floor they might have had in Mexico.  Of course we would have supervision and security provided by the National Guardsmen and Border Patrol and administration and support jobs provided by American Veterans who have served their country and certainly have earned their way to the front of the employment lines.  

Why would "Securing the Border be such an impossible task to accomplish,  as the Bureaucrats in Washington and the Administration would have us believe?  Actually it is not anywhere near as difficult as they want us to believe. I have seen extensive photographs of the border and know exactly what the problem is.  The problem lies in the Bureaucracy with the U.S. Government itself and not with the Border Patrol at all.

Just as a note, the border between North and South Korea is 160 miles long and the Korean Military is quite capable of proving complete security of their border with their hostile cousins and neighbors in the North.  Russia has a land border running 12,577 miles in total and they seem to have not trouble securing their borders. China has the largest border of any other country on the planet with 13,743 miles and I have not heard any news reports of illegal immigrants crossing their borders.  Now it is true that with Russia and China, there truly does not seem to be too many people in line to immigrate to their countries anyway and certainly the incentive to illegally cross their border does not exist.

One of the problems with this all is the incentive for the illegal immigrant to "Jump The Fence" since they have been told nothing will happen to them and it will take years for them to be deported and while here they will receive free welfare and benefits beyond belief.  An absolutely paradise handed to them by those people the use to refer to as “Stupid Gringos”.

The lack of the Federal Government actual wanting to enforce the already existing laws is the problem and not the need for new additional laws.  The Open Borders Crowd and those favoring the illegal immigrants would also have us believe that Immigration System is broken, when in fact it is just NOT being enforced. .  Example in point is the lack of enforcing employers from hiring illegal aliens.  Employers know they can hire an illegal at a fraction of what an American would do the job for.  Thus another consequence of tolerating employers hiring illegal’s is that it undermines the “collective bargaining process” for the Native Born and Naturalized American Worker. Remarkably the Union Bosses are “short sighted” as they have thrown there support behind those politicians who are the cause of the rise of illegal aliens and the amnesty they have in store for them.

On the subject again of Financial Abilities to accomplish Border Security, the actual cost to the American Taxpayer because of the Illegal Aliens is greater than any miniscule amount of contributions to the economy by way of Sales Tax received from any purchases they may make.  Whatever the financial benefit is for the merchants, the illegal’s may actually buy something from,  again is small and insignificant when considering the overall amount they Draw from American Tax Payers in the form of Welfare and all of the other Free Benefits they receive.  Actually the return financially after cutting off the "Freebies" that illegal’s receive in public assistance benefits and handouts, would far exceed what it would cost to secure the Borders and prevent the flow of illegal aliens into our Country.

A person does not need to be an economist to imagine for a moment the amount of money spent on illegal’s in our country, ultimately paid for by the American Tax Payer.  Examples such as welfare financial contributions, the expense of education of their children, food stamps, free medical care, free housing, plus the personnel required to fulfill the bureaucratic process all of these benefits provided to the illegal aliens. Plus we must also consider the other financial burdens placed upon our society with the increased criminal activity which a large percentage of Illegal Aliens do commit.  The typical illegal alien can not afford an attorney when they do run afoul of the law, thus a court appointed lawyer is provided to the free of charge, but who really pays for that attorney?  You and I of course?  When a fine is imposed, they cannot afford that either so they do their time in jail, who pays for that since they have to be fad and housed and receive medical care while in jail.  You and I do of course.

I read just the other day that an estimated 43,000 illegal aliens apprehended, processed and assigned a immigration hearing court dates, never showed up and have just disappeared into the country.  Is that a surprise to anyone other than the idiot political bureaucrats in Washington?  To think a person who has committed the crime of illegally entering our country and knowing committing this crime would actually voluntarily show up for a court date is ludicrous and that whole futile procedure cost the tax payers money too.

Now let's also consider that the typical employer who is in full knowledge that there is really no actual enforcement by punishment for their hiring illegal alien workers for less than what an American would work for.  The employer can not actually pay taxes on a worker with an illegal social security number and they can not contribute on their behalf to the social security system and instead remains in that employers pocket.  Thus the illegal alien is “working under the table”.

Additionally it is very well known that a great amount of the money made by these illegal aliens "under the table" is being sent back to Mexico to help support their family there. When money is being removed in this high volume,  it is money that is not being circulating within the American Economy where as it normally would have been had the worker been an American Citizen.

There are some people who try to convince the gullible public that Illegal aliens are like like welfare recipients are actually a "Credit" to the American Economy.  They claim because the  illegal aliens and welfare recipients are every day buying products and as such contributing to the economy in the way of sales taxes and support of the local businesses.

This claim is flawed on both accounts and a person really does not need to be an economist or mathematician to understand this.  The actual small and minuscule amount of support to the local merchants and the sales tax received from the Illegal Aliens and the welfare recipients in spending in dollars, comes no where near the amount of tax payer dollars spent on them.
What inevitably will happen is financial collapse of the entire economic system, similar to a typical family running up a credit card bill and every month not even paying off even the minimum monthly interest incurred.  The amount just keeps rising and rising until bankruptcy is the only solution.

Now those who have actually lobbied on behalf of the Illegal Aliens and Amnesty and ignored and sabotaging any effort at "Securing the border"  have various motives which involve there own, "self Interest" which they place above National Security Concerns of our Country.  Some are the Short sighted Business and Corporate Sector who see "Cheap Labor" as a benefit but are not considering the "Long Term results" which will affect them too as a business.  Some are actually labor Unions who think their ranks will swell , but in reality these illegal aliens undermine the ability of the Unions to engage in "collective bargaining" with management.  Above all the others, is the Democrat Party who sees "Loyal Democrat Voters" in every single Illegal Alien who is "ignorant of American Politics" and the "American Economic System itself".  These Democrat hierarchy also place there own party interests and personal power above those of their own continuants and nation.  They are doing so at by placing in jeopardy the safety of our people and our the "National Security" of our country.

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