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Mexican Military Cross US Border, Fire on US Border Patrol Agents as cover for Pushing Drug Mules Across US Border
Mexican Army Helicoptor Crosses US Border Fires on US Border Guards
Saturday June 28, 2014 - by Randal M. Bundy

Mexican military helicopters that had illegally crossed the border into Arizona on Thursday and Fired on US Border Patrol Agents, were doing so in order provide cover and distraction for the drug Mules they were also sending into the our country.

There was a group of Independent Security Contractors, known as the Three Percent,  on the American Side of the border in Arizona at the time of the illegal crossing into US Air Space. "They saw the smugglers and mules hastily moving ahead of the Mexican army crossing the river and moving quickly for cover on the US side.  Then the helicopter flew and fired at near by border patrol and seemed to be providing cover for the smugglers and mules who were at the same time quickly  scattered,”   Later the Mexican Authorities apologized for what they referred to as “accidentally crossing the US Border“.  That’s right, accidentally crossing a border which would be next to impossible for a trained Helicopter Pilot to not see and Uniformed Individuals on the Ground in White Vehicles that say Border Patrol who only a blind man would not be able to recognize as being US Border Patrol Officers.

This is not the first time members of Mexican law enforcement and Military have crossed the U.S. border without permission.  In fact there has been since January 1, 2014 over 300 documented cases that we are aware of and of those over half have involved the Mexican Police or Military Firing on Uniformed US Border Patrol Agents.  The usual response of course from Mexican authorities is something to the effect of, "Oh Gosh, Gee, we are so sorry, we did not realize we had accidentally crossed into the U.S.

Their excuse is absolute rubbish and the apology is actual a sarcastic mockery of our authority on our own soil.  It should be obvious to all that the Mexican Police and Military are in fact in league with and partners of the Mexican Truck Cartels importing Drugs into the USA and Human Trafficking of Illegal Aliens.  Both of which are very profitable with absolutely no risk for the Mexican Police, military and the various other Authorities. 

It has been well known by anyone covering the events occurring in Mexico with regards to the Mexican Drug Cartels and the Mexican Law Enforcement and Military that the Cartels have Publicized, "Silver or Lead"  meaning cooperate with the Drug Cartels and accept bribe money  = silver or they will be shot = Lead Bullets .  As for Mexico's War of Crime and Drug Cartels, Mexico has lost that war many, many years ago. 

The solution would be for the US to build a solid Brick and Steal wall along the entire border to keep the illegal’s and drug cartels out.  Concertino Wire at the top will prevent them from crossing over the top and tank trenches dug can further prevent them from entering.  If the US Authorities do not take this matter very serious, the our society will look like Mexico with decapitated bodies laying in the streets of our cities and Police Forces and Military who actually work for the Drug Cartels.  We will effectively be over run and our country will be lost.


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