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Some of the Following are illegal aliens who are in the United States and were simply Mexico's Criminal Ellents, Lower Classes in the Mexican Caste System and some are the “Indigenous Mexican Indians known as The Maya and generally Mexico's . Social Problems and misfits and now they are our problems

Mexican Hypocrit President Calls us Racist for wanting to secure our border and enforce our immigration Laws.
by Randal M. Bundy - 06 October 2014
Mexican President
He incorrectly uses the term, "Anti-Immigration" but what it really is, is Anti-Illegal Immigration or what we call Illegal Aliens.  It has nothing at all to do with Racism and he knows it.  The fact is He and the rest of the Mexico's Spanish Descendant Ruling Class and upper class are trying to dump all of their social problems and misfits off on us in the United States to contend with.

The Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto is really a regular comedian and funny guy.  In a recent interview with Notorious Leftist-Liberal Network CNN and it’s anti-American, "Fareed Zakaria interviewed the Mexican President.  During the interview the Mexican President is reported as saying, “the anti-immigration views of many Americans is racist“.

Well like a lot of typical leftist he deliberately mischaracterizes the facts and the issue, which is NOT “Anti-Immigration” it is “anti-Illegal Immigration”.  There certainly is a difference that the Mexican President is fully aware of, he is only hoping that people are not paying attention enough to actually realize his deliberately misstating the facts. What he is doing is a “Word-Play”.  He is deliberately trying to invoke racism in an issue that does not involve Racism.

Now the Reporter never “called him” on this mischaracterization which is what we call, “playing the race card” in order to rouse up the Illegal Alien and refocus the entire thing by using white verses the Primary Mexican and Central American Indian Population.  That is in essence the majority of who these Illegal’s are.  They are NOT your typical Mexicans or even those Mexicans of Spanish descendants who are part of the Mexican elite and Ruling Class in Mexico.  And the reason that Mexico in general and the President of Mexico being a part of that Spanish Descendant Ruling Class are putting forth so much energy and resources to push their lower classes of citizens off on us, is because they are glad to get rid of them and at the same time create havoc within our Country.  Mexico has in fact always hated the United States and the White Europeans who settled here.

Now the reporter who failed to “call the president on his mischaracterizing the matter, is that the reporter himself is both racist toward white people and Pro-Illegal Alien and Pro-Amnesty the same as CNN is as run by Ted Turner, the notorious “Progressive.  Simply watching a number of the reporter’s broadcasts will leave even an idiot to the same conclusion.

Now the reader should know that in Mexico the laws are in fact very strict regarding illegal immigration and violators of their laws regarding illegal entry into the country are treated very
Harshly.  Our treatment toward apprehended Illegal Aliens is more treatment similar to what you might expect to receive as guests in a Luxury vacation resort, rather than legal confinement.

Furthermore in Mexico, if you are not Mexican you can really only visit Mexico if they think you have money to spend.  Even if you do have money and for some illogical reason you would want to become a citizen, forget it, it's just NOT going to happen. Especially if you are a "Gringo".  The fact is that Mexico it’s President is not in a position to lecture any of us in the United States about racism.  The Mexican Government is one of the most Racist Countries on the planet but you never hear about it, and it certainly it is never mentioned in the Government Controlled News Media and Television.  And yes the country and people as a whole are also far more Racist than the people in the United States ever were.  Mexico also have one of the worst Human Rights Records, just a few steps below Iran and North Korea.  As for corruption they also rank almost at the top of that category too and it has always been that way and under the Present Mexican  President, Enrique Peña Nieto nothing has changed.

They are not just Racist toward White Americans, they also hate Black American as well as their own indigenes population outside of Mexico City, the Mexican Indians.  We in the United States seldom hear or see anything of it, because of our own Leftist Mainstream Media sensors what their own reporting to fit their own leftist agenda.

The fact is that they people that Mexico is encouraging and assisting to illegally cross our border are for the most part indigenes Mexican Indians and tribal Indians from central American as well.  You see when they only recently began allowing the ones from central America to cross the Mexican Border, it was regulated in such a way that they can only travel on this one particular train heading north.  It is called the Death Train and they are not permitted to get off of the train.  Violate that rule and they will end up in one of those Harsh Mexican Jails I mentioned earlier.  As for their own Mexican Indian Population, this illegal immigration into the United States benefits Mexico as they see it as getting rid of their trash and dumping it on the naive Americans to deal with.  Don’t be quick to call me a racist for what I have just said as I am only reporting what they Mexican’s themselves have said to me.  North American people of the United States and Canada do not understand is that there is in fact a very strong “Class System” in Mexico” and those who are considered in Mexico to be at the very bottom of that Class System are the “
“Indigenous Mexican Indians known as The Maya" and it is what we have been getting here in the United States as Illegal Aliens.  Most of them are illiterate in Spanish and can not even read or write in any of their own Mayan Languages.  Additionally the laws that govern our society and even Laws of Mexico are alien to them.  They were never raised by anything other than their own tribal laws.  So when these Mayan from isolated areas of Southern Mexico arrive in the United States and freely rape anyone woman they want, this is what they have been taught in their tribal areas which dictates that as long as the crime is NOT committed in their tribe against another rof their tribal members, it is no crime at all.  Now do you understand why those upper classes in and around Mexico city are happy to assist them to slip into the United States?

For Hundreds of years Mexico has done almost nothing to help them to adjust to modern day society and so they have remained relatively isolated within their own tribal villages far to the south and far out of sight.  Even those in and around Mexico city will not travel to some of those regions.  If you are a typical Mexican Police Officer, then you are of a different class from the Ruling Class that either works for the Government or you have something to do with Business or the upper management of the Police or various other governmental agencies.  The lower ranking Police Officers for the most part, will never transcend into the upper management of the Police Department, because they are of a class that is mixed with Spanish Descendents.  The worst job of all would be to be a police officer assigned to one of those Mayan villages somewhere that is not even on a map and you and perhaps a hand full of other policemen are their without backup and you are pretty well on your own.

So the words I would choose for Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, would not be "printable in Most American News Papers and certainly NOT acceptable in polite society.  It would be a simple request that he go do something with himself, that is actually physically impossible.

Following about Race of the People in Mexico
1921 Census[edit]
The Mexican Government asked Mexicans about their perception of their own racial heritage. In the 1921 census, residents of the Mexican Republic were asked if they fell into one of the following categories:[51]

"Indígena pura" (of pure indigenous heritage)
"Indígena mezclada con blanca" (of mixed indigenous and white heritage, the term mestizo itself was never used by the government)
"Blanca" (of White or Spanish heritage)
"Extranjeros sin distinción de razas" (Foreigners without racial distinction)
"Cualquiera otra o que se ignora la raza" (Either other or unknown)
Pure indigenous heritage: 4,179,449 {29%}
Mixed indigenous and white: 8,504,561 {59%}
White or Spanish heritage: 1,404,718 (10%)
Total population: 14,334,780
The states with the largest populations of "Blanca" or White persons were:

Distrito Federal - 206,514
Chihuahua - 145,926
Sonora - 115,151
Veracruz - 114,150
México - 88,660
In terms of percentage, the "blanca" classification was most prominent in these states:

Sonora (41.85%)
Chihuahua (36.33%)
Baja California Sur (33.40%)
Tabasco (27.56%)
Distrito Federal (22.79%)
This was the last Mexican Census which asked people to self-identify themselves with an heritage other than Amerindian. However, the census had the particularity that, unlike racial/ethnic census in other countries, it was focussed in the perception of cultural heritage rather than in a racial perception, leading to a good number of white people to identify with "Mixed heritage" due cultural influence.[52]

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