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Mexican Cartels Recruiting US Soldiers As Hitmen
(Apparently the Pay Is Good but you'll end up in a Federal Pen or Dead)
by Randal M. Bundy - 09 September 2014
from FBI Files
But the recruitment of U.S. soldiers for the sole purpose of knocking people off is a disturbing trend, especially given how much sense it makes.

Recent cases
On July 25 an El Paso, Texas court handed down a life sentence to Army private first-class Michael Apodaca, 22, after he admitted to being recruited and paid $5,000 by the Juarez Cartel to shoot and kill Jose Daniel Gonzalez-Galeana, a cartel member who had been outed as an informant for U.S. customs.
US Army Hit Men Recrited by Los Zeatos
US Army Hit Men Recruited by Los Zetos Former Army Pfc. Michael Apodaca (L) and ex-Lt. Kevin Corley both pleaded guilty to perform hits while they were on active duty.On the left was the rank of a PFC and on the right is a former Lieutenant - thatt's right a Commissioned Officer, university educated  - both are now in federal prison with the rank of "Inmate" - but they should consider themselves lucky to actually be alive, as Los Zetos are really known to leave many dead bodies in the Mexico-Texas Deserts 

FBI intelligence from multiple FBI HUMINT sources indicates a shift in Los
Zetas recruiting methods and reliance on non-traditional associates
Report available soon

FBI Files Los Zetos Heading
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