Unconventional Warfare by Randal M. Bundy - 2015
Randal M. Bundy RMB News Report RMB Report
Randal M. Bundy while in Military Service
Methods and Strategy
Ambushes of Enemy Forces - Kill Him whenever Possible

There is very much to consider involving an ambush and I'll be discussing this in greater detail later, but something to think about is the resupply of your own forces by taking from your dead enemy.  In an ambush it must be considered that the goal is no surviving enemy troops since it is not feasable to take prisoners and then have to transport them to your lines.  If you do then you have to guard them, provide food and water for them, as well as medical attention, all the while trying to evade the enemy patrol looking for you after just anbushed some of their friends, comrades and perhaps even family members.  Do you get the point here?  Your job as leader of this relative small 
Guerrilla Force is to get your troops and yourself back to your friendly lines safely, not to baby sit enemy forces who you have allowed to surrender.  Geneva Convention be damned becasue your enemy too ignores on a regular basis and they had no .  
intentions of ever complying with it when they proclaimed a Race War of Extermination against you and your people.  Get fixed in your minds right now, it is kill or be killed and it is your enemy who has already established the rules.

Target his Supply Lines - Desrupt or deprive him of Food, Ammunition & Supplies
The next best thing to killing your enemy is his food supplies and other much needed supplies that enable them to contiue to fight against you. If the enemy runs out of food, water,
ammunition and other critical supplies then he will have within a short period of time become usless on the battle field.  It will be only a matter of time before he capitulates or is killed.  The same holds true to your own forces and serves as a lesson to you as well if you are the cammander of This  Guerrilla Force or Resistance Group.  You as leader  must never permit the disruption of your own supply lines to troops in the field, including the much needed food, water, ammunitions and weapons replacement.

Harrasing the enemy - Allow him not sleep or comfort
Never allowing your enemy any comfort if at all possible.  You must hit and run and leave him constantly wondering when he next closes his eyes to sleep if it will be his last.

This is actually just touching upon briefly what will be on the agenda conducted by the Commandos, Guerrillas, Partisans and Resistance Fighters.  Hopefully all of these various forces will be under the direct leadership and control of the proper, trained, copmpetent and well organized military command.  There may also be advisers present who would govern the proper actions and conduct of the forces within the theator of operations. However that can not necessarily be counted on given the cercumstances as history has shown in past wars and the command and members of these Guerrilla Forces or Reistance Groups may be completely without military training or staff.  You do the best you can for the sake of your family and your people.