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Men who Support Gun Control
by Randal M. Bundy - 03 August 2014

Here is an image for the Gun Control Sissy Men, who say, "Guns Frighten me!
Gun Control and Sissy Men
There are perhaps a number of different reasons why some men proclaim such nonsense as,
(a) - "Guns Frighten me"  or
(b) - "Gun's Make Me Feel uncomfortable"
and none of those reasons make any sense at all and are totally illogical considering the fact that in the United States and most civilized countries, people driving cars kill more people that all deaths caused by people who used a gun.  Even when taking into consideration all deaths by people using guns people using cars still win out on causing the most deaths, however no one is seriously saying that cars frighten me, or cars make me feel uncomfortable and certainly no one is taken serious if the ever advocate the banning of cars.  

As a matter of fact screw drivers and hammers are used more to kill someone in the united states that guns and knives, yes even common steak knives would cause more deaths than guns, yet again does anyone even suggest that stead knives be outlawed?  Of course not.

If they were logical reasons then the same person must also assert that hammers, hatchets, axes, Steak knives and even a screw drivers should also frighten that person or make the feel unformfortable.

Reason 1 - perhaps that person grew up in a house where there Parents were already Anti-Gun Leftist Liberal Types and the individual grew up, as Attorney General Eric Holder once advocated, "We must brainwash everyone against Guns".   So that person already grew up with only one side and that side was biased against the use of guns.  When they never try it, they have absolutely no idea what it is really all about.

Reason 2 - Perhaps that person grew up in a house hold where the father figure was absent and the only influence they as young men have was with a mother who was anti-gun.  Statistically woman are more often Anti-Gun than men are.  Although often men who are married or involved with Anti-Gun woman are really only pretending to be anti-gun, for the sake of maintaing the relationship they have with their AntiGun woman.  More and more though the trend is chaging and woman themselves have explored their horizons and gone to gun sporting evens.  I am happy to report that they too have learned what it really is all about and they love it.  They also have learned about the 2nd ammendment andd the founding fathers and that pleases me the most.

Reason 3 - Perhaps that young anti-gun men grew up in a family where Hunting was not an active part of their fathers life.  Many men have hobbies other than Hunting.  Some men fish, some enjoy various sports, some enjoy the outdoors such as boating and hiking, but the actual game hunting may not be what they are involved in.  Thus their sons and daughter are not exposed to it early on.  If you combine that lack of exposure and experience with Hunting and guns with some peoples lack of initiative and independent thought, then sometimes you have produced a narrow minded person who becomes Anti-Gun.

Reason 4 - sometimes I have heard people start on this rediculous emotional crap about someone they knew who committed suicide by gun or was killed by someone with a gun in the heat of anger or was killed by a mugger using a gun.  Again these people who become anti-gun for this reason also fail to realize how absolutely illogical it is to maintain a phobia against fire arms because of those reasons alone.  If they followed those rediculous logical conclusions then if they have ever known anyone who unfortunately died in an auto accident,  then they must also be Anti-Car and never own a car and refuse to tolerate anyone who does drive a car, becasue after all, "Cars Kill People Right"?  How many times have we heard the same illogical reasons for imposing gun control on the populous, "Guns Kill People"?
Water Kills people too!  How many people drown to death every year, either in swimming pools, rivers, lakes and even in their own bathtubs, so of course we must all insist that these items be banned, after all "Water Kills People, Right?

Sometimes weak men, very, very weak and sissy men utter such words like, "Guns make me feel unfomfortable" and "Guns Frighten me".  Often this is while in the company of woman who they are either having a Romantic Involvement with or they hope to at least.  Perhaps this is because the modern man has deliberately been feminized and sometimes he does not even realize it.  He also does not realize how absolutely sissy it makes him look by other men and also unfavorable by usually the very same woman they are trying to impress.  These sissy men are of the impression that modern woman in fact want over-sensitive men who will perhaps cry at the drop of a hat or spilled milk or the sight of one of those victious and dangerous guns that scare them.  I really do not believe that woman favor these types of men, except in Hollywood movies and Television Shows.  Those media outlets of propaganda are almost entirely controled by the leftist-liberal, anti-gun men who may have themselves recieved too many female hormones while growing up.  Perhaps they are men who have some sort of sexual identity crisis, but either way, you can not believe anything coming out of Hollywood as being Reality or from the mainstream media either.

It is interesting to note that of all of the people who I have taken to the firing range to shoot weapons, who have never fired a weapon before in the entire lives, every single one of them walked away from the experience absolutely convered and now enjoy guns and they enjoy firing them.  It is a remarkable thing to behold.

It is like eating a food that you never grew up eating and never tried before.  I am that person standing their who tells you, "Try It, you might Like It".

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