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The Media Hoax called "Ring of Peace" at Oslao Synagogue
by Randal M. Bundy - February 22. 201
Oslao Ring of Peace Hoax
I had my own suspicions about this even when I first Read about it in various news reports.  One was Media Hoax; 20 Muslims holding hands become 1,000 strong Ring of Peace’ at Oslo Synagogue.

My first thought was that it was in fact an orchastrated Muslim Propaganda Event and I was right.  You can not believe what they muslims say, but you can be assured that " once a liar, always a liar".

The actual event is sponsored by people who had previously and still refused to condemn any of the Islamic Terrorist Attacks that have ever taken place, including those of the more barbaric ISIS toward Christians, Kurds and Yazidi people.

The numbers are greatly over-exaderated of the actual participants of this evenbt and the photos and filming show all the traditional tampering by the media itself to make the view of the event to appear to be a large gathering.  The motive is really quite simple.  It is to cause distractions and false sense of security and false belief that their are actually moderate peace loving Muslims in the world.  

As time goes on, more and more people are beginning to realize the true threat that Islam is to them personally, their country and their society.  More and more of the people are standing up to Islam and the Muslims and more and more the resistance grows and they are fighting back against Islam and demand their governments deport the muslims.  Islamic Leaders realize their own actions and the actions of ISIS are actually alerting the populous of NON-Muslims, what is in store for them in the not too distant future, impending doom.   So the Islamic Clearics have begun a campagne and a more intense program of pacifying the victims they intend to slaughter.

Furthermore do not be fooled by the presence and participation of anyone claiming to be Jewish Rabbis, as I could name at least a hundred Orthodox Rabbis who believe their should not exist a Jewish State of Israel, since their particular religious sect believes  that GOD intended all jews to be diaspora.

Also do not make the mistake of trusting the Christian Leadership of the Church either, since most of them are men who are weak in charactor and subscribe to the naieve belief that if we are all just more loveing and tolerant and understanding of the Muslims or perhaps just a little more nicer to them then the Muslims will all just wake up one day and see the errors of their ways and decide to embrace peace and brotherhood toward all.  

The realists in me of course sees that that is all nonsense and suicidal as well.  People like myself and others who live in the real world know the aim and goal, stated clearly by the Muslims themselves, is Death to all Non-Muslims.  

Of course the Christian Leadership have absolutely nothing to base their belief of Muslim Rehabilitation upon but we who are the scheptics and realists have 1,400 years of Islamic History that confirms that our fears, suspicions and distrusts of the Muslims is  absolutely well founded.  We also know the history of the entire Arab people from their very beginning which assure us that Arabs have no compassion for weaklings, nor any respect or regard for human life. This later charactor is also confirmed when considering they are well known to strap bombs on their own children and instructing them to charge Israeli border guards as Suicide Bombers.

Be reassured that just as a lepard does not change its spots", a  Muslim,  brainwashed since birth and indoctrinated into the Death-Cult of Islam does not wake up one day and realize the errors of their actions and way of thinking.   If you believe othewise, then you are being like the Jews of the Holocost, some of whom actually believed the Nazis putting them on trains told them they were simply being "Relocated to pleasant lands in the East,  where they would all be given nice farms and fields to plow.  Many of the Jews actually belived this fairy tale, right up until they stepped off the train and found themselves in camps with  names like, "Auschwitz-Birkenau".  Even then many refused to believe, right up until the moment the cyanide, "Zyklon B" was dropped into the room they all thought was just showers.

If anyone actually by now does not understand what the entire "Anti-Second Amendment Movement is all about and the Anti-Gun Advocates are,  everone should remeber, the first act of a tirant, like Hitler, was to ban  and confiscate ALL Guns.  Why you ask?  Well the answer of course is that it is much easier to be a dictator toward people who are unarmed and unable to fight the tyrant.  Additionally the dictator will find it much easier to march segments of the population off to death camps when the population can not fight back.  Much is the same with marching sheep off to the slaughter.

Read your history my people and you will understand "History is about to Repeat Itself" except circumstances are much different that they were back in 1938, when America and Britain could come to the resue of Europe.  Who will be able to come to Americas aid, when we already have not only "The enemy within the gates", that enemy is occupying the White House itself, all US Government Agencies including the US Military and although that Tyrannical Dictator has not dismissed Congress and the Supreme Court,  he has basically ignored them and has rendered them completely powerless and insignificant.

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