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Man made Global Warming a Hoax and Fraud

UN planning court for 'climate justice'...U.N. PLANNING COURT TO JUDGE U.S. FOR 'CLIMATE JUSTICE' - Stealth agenda to issue rulings on debt, finance, tech transfers

PUTIN: Global Warming 'A Fraud'...

Most intelligent people have known for years that Global Warming is a scam and a fraud. We've known that the motive and goal behind it all is another socialist agenda to seperate the people from their money, gain more control over our day to day life, while bleeding our economies and destroying our freemarket system. Now at last we have a world leader, Putin of Russia who has the courage and strength to come forward and tell the truth.  However the other world leaders who are part of the scam and the Main Stream media will keep trying to peddal the same old global warming fears.   The Government is on record as altering statistics and outright lying about research and data while at the same time Those behind this envirnmental fraud are trying to convince legilators that we need to outlaw anyone who dares to assert that the claims are false of global warming and that imprisonment should be imposed for anyone who dare disagree.