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Mainstream Media Lies, Deceptions and Half Truths
by Randal M. Bundy - 08 February 2015
Brian Williams Lies
NBC Anchor Brian Williams is just the most recent example of the Mainstream Media Lies, Deceptions, and half Truths that have surface.  Now it is being reported across a broad spectrum of news reporting agencies around the USA and the World.  Much of what Brian has reported over the many years has been outright lies and fabrications. It is known that he has fabricated details in which he claimed a helicopter he was in was shot down.  The point here is of course how he could have been promoted to anchor after his habitual lies are now coming to surface. 

Additionally the point is that his exposure as a fraud simply reinforces my statements for years now that the mainstream media deliberately lies with the intent of swaying public opinion toward for their own leftists agenda.  They will lie, deceive, misconstrue and report half truths.  They have done this regarding every single Republican candidate that has ever in my lifetime run for public office or for reelection.  I am specifically referring to NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, BBC and all of the others.

They have committed these lies to promote the leftists agenda which will include the so-called environmental crisis of Global Warming,  and Racial Relations in the USA and world wide,  The lies, deceive and misconstrue facts and issues relating to the more recently the issues of illegal aliens invading our country through the southern border with Mexico and Obama's move to grant the amnesty.  They will also deliberately fail to report crime being committed by many of these illegal's and the rapes, robberies and death's of American Citizens as a result of the negligence of Obama's government to do anything about it.  Additionally the previous Bush administration was also guilty of the same things as was the Clinton administration before him. 

The end result was the deterioration of the United States because the leftists mainstream media failed to report it and the American Public simply was uninformed.  In fact the leftist Mainstream Media is guilt of negligence for their failure to honestly report the facts relating to events which effected the public and the country.  This negligence has been going on for years and everyone from the CEO of these corporations all the way down to the janitor who sweeps the floors of the News Room at night knew about it.

Everything they did report on which included racial issues, global warming, Wars, the Palestinian-Israeli matters, Black Racist Attacks upon White American citizens, Obama’s lies and frauds and everything else were all subject the leftist mainstream medias agenda, manipulations, frauds and suppression of reports and facts and thus creating their own leftists spin.  All were centered upon not keep the public informed and updated on what was going on in the world, but what they wanted the public to believe and know.  It is now and has always been the greatest betrayal of the public’s trust I have ever seen, even more so than the betrayal of the Public Trust by the Political  officials who have run our government for at least the past 50 years or so and probably much long than that.

However all this is nothing new, as it seems like for as long as I have been alive the mainstream media has leaved far to the left.  As a result now the entire American Public should immediately presume that simply because they have heard or read something on TV or in Newspapers, it is most likely false and the lies are politically motivated or are to further an already Anti-American and anti-white American agenda.

Below are some of the more recent Nres Reports which have been appeared in the news sources that I do trust, being Breitbart News, World Net daily, Drudge Report and Michael Savage.


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