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Lunar Anomalies
Strange Things on the Moon's Surface?
by Randal M. Bundy - 27 April 2015
Moon Surface Mysteries
When scanning photos of the Moon or Mar's surface, I just cannot help but be curious as to the many things that appear to be there that seem out of place and even seem to be the result of the presence of intelligence life forms.  Perhaps these life forms are not there now, but I would speculate sometime in the past they were. Perhaps just like Earth's astronauts, someone else from another world visited our moon.  Perhaps the moon was used as a way station of sorts the same way we have way stations on islands in the oceans throughout the world, for the purpose of refueling and re-supply.  It could have been hundreds, thousands or even millions of years ago. 

I have also found quite a number of photos of the Martian surface which shows rocks and stones which obviously appear to be have been cut with right angles.  Right angles just do not just appear in nature. Someone might site crystal formations that appear on earth as a possible example and answer, but these are NOT crystals, they are large boulders which appear on Mars as though they have been cut smooth and square by instruments or heavy equipment, perhaps laser tools that could easily burn through stones to form  like building blocks.

Is there life out their on other planets?  I think only the very ignorent and naieve would conclude that we were the only intelligent life form in the vast universe.  The other life forms may not and probably are not like us at all.  Perhaps they would be such that we would not want to invite them over to our house for a party and perhaps we just might not want to find ourselves dropping in on their home planet by accident or by damaged Spacecraft.  They might not be very social and friendly toward us at all. We might even find ourselves on their dinner menue.
zecharia sitchin
I am very familiar with Zecharia Sitchin's work in translating the Sumerian Tablets and The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts, as well as the Library of Ashurbanipal.  I am also very familiar with the fact that our life form, Homosapiens at one point in the existence of this beautiful planet Earth, just appeared here all of a sudden.  Since I do not believe that we just evolved from monkeys I do entertain the very likely possibilities that we as a people and a race are in fact Hybrads of sorts.  I also believe in the existence of a divine entity, a GOD, The Creator, but what if it actually turns out to be Creators instead?  Well perhaps in my lifetime, well have those questions answered.

I'll have a separate article about that which I refer to found on the Martian surface. Following are some examples of what I have found in photos of the Moon's surface.  See what you think.

Moon Surface Mysteries
image on the left is the region where these Lunar Anomalies are found.  The images on the right are of a site that appears to be geometric v shape.and when enlarged the white areas also take on a geometric form.  I personaly just do not see how this could have been formed in nature without some assitence from intelligent life.
Moon Surface Mysteries
The same image as above but is lightened and you find this mysterious green color, where it would not be expected.  What appeared at first to be black areas, actually tunred out to be partially green.
Moon Surface Mysteries
above is the same object on the left and in the mid section and on the right appear similar objects and again with the strage circular objects as seen in the photo left.  also the presence of what appears to be a right angel objects made by illtelligent life.
Moon Surface Mysteries
Here is another item which I find curious.  In the original phto the dark area appeared as black, but when I lightened the area, what seems to appear something more that just black empty spaces.

I'll publish some of the strange things I have found on mars.  With the higher quality cameras used these days to scan the Martian surface the images are so much better to look at and see the obvious thing that appear, that really should not exist accroding to our previous belief that Mars is just a cacant lifeless planet.

For the time being I leave the reader with these ideas and thoughts.  When I first vertured down this long road of true ancestral History, well beyong all of the ancient ancestors on this planet, I came to the realization that what was necessary was to break through the centuries of teachings about Religon and History that we all have formed in our minds.   I realized that everything I thought was placed their by man and since man has a little problem about making mistakes, I realized that I had to attempt to place these teachings outside of mind in order to allow for the very likely possibilities that everything I amd my ancestors were tought on this planet was wrong.  I then found the doors of posible understand began to open up.  What I began to see was something quite different that I was expecting to see.  All of the answers to the questions of why man just sort of appeared here all of a sudden seemed to be answered and it all did make a lot more sense to to me that it did previously. 
Enki Sumerian Tablet Translation Ch.1- 1 of 6

- To be continued

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