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federal judge halted President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) proclaimed that amnesty advocates will not be deterred.
Gutierrez said he will continue to tell illegal immigrants to prepare to sign up for Obama’s executive amnesty.

Hey GUTIERREZ, Stick it and that finger up your A.s!

Luis Gutierrez, La Raza, Obama, Illegal Immigrants and The Mexican Invasion
Luis Gutierrez tells "La Raza" - "Obama Assured Steps To Stop The Deportaion of Our People
.......and It Is Only A Down Payment.

by Randal M. Bundy - Saturday July 21. 2014
Luis Gutierrez and Obama
Here again we here the words, "Our People" by Hispanics who are in the United States and who are rallying behind the Invasion of Illegal Immigrants from those Countries of what they refer to as, "Our People".

If I as a White Man were to make a reference like that I would be slandered as a Racist.  If I were a elected Politician I would be attacked non-stop by the leftists media and all of the leftists organizations as a “Racists” or a “White Supremist“. 

It should be obvious to every White, Black and any other racial or ethnic group that this is in fact a gathering of an army against all of us who do not fit into their category of, 
"Our People" as spoken freely by Hispanics. 

It also includes those who are in Congress who are part of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.  Obviously they are NOT represent the American people but only representing, forward and advancing those who are their own Hispanic constituents.  Furthermore it demonstrates that their intent is to conquer the United States by outnumbering the other races.  Do you want to see what the United States will look like then?  Take a little visit to Mexico if you dare.  Not just to the tourist areas and border towns where Americans usually visit and are fairly safe, I am talking about the Interior beyond and into the Real Mexico.  That is the fate of the United States if they win.  Their motives have already been stated very clearly and you can find out more in 
Invasion Plans of the USA by the Reconquista (Re-Conquering) Movement.

The motives of the White Liberal-Progressives in all of this is to securing their democrat party in such a way as to also outnumber those of us who are conservative are the majority of the country and are against them.  They have decided to sell out their country to those who would be our enemies.  Basically they have become traitors and more accurately they are actually giving the country away. 

In order to To secure the Hispanic vote as a democrat vote they are glad to spend the American People's Tax Payer's Dollars to support the Hispanic illegal immigrant invaders indefinitely on Welfare, Food stamps, Free Housing, Free Medical Care, Free Education including University Tuition and anything else they can give to them to them.  Of course you,  the American People know damn well that it really isn’t free and you are actually the ones who are paying for it and will your future children and grandchildren.  All of this at cost in money that we do not have and are borrowing from the Chinese and other enemy nations.

Consider that this is in fact an invasion by those who intend to wage war and conquer us. Consider also that the American People are essentially financing their own Annihilation.  So when this war does come, then it will be because of our political leaders who not only permitted it, but actually invited and orchestrated it.

My source material is from their own written words and articles stating the goals and objectives where they clearly state they intend to racially cleanse the American Contenant of all who they claim did not originate from here.  However they convieniently ignor the fact that White Europeans were in fact already in the North American Contenant 5,000 years before the Asiatic People migrated down through the barring Straits.  See also
Europeans First In America 
Ice Age Europeans - First Americans Solutreans Are Indigenous Americans


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