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Luis Gutierrez and His Army of Illegal Aliens
A Conspiracy of The Reconquista ("Reconquest") and Aztlán Conquest Movement
by Randal M. Bundy - 04 December 2014
It should really NOT have come as a surprise to anyone that at least 20% of the "Young Unaccompanies Minors who are Illegal Aliens have committed Fraud on their "Applications for Protection" against deportation.  What would you expect of criminals? They have knowingly committed crimes by even being in this country.  It seems to also be a surprise and a shock for the leftist-liberals and suporters of illegal aliens whn they DO NOT show up for court, after being released in amongst the General Population of Amerrican's.  The rate all illegal aliens who are picked up by police and authorities and are awaiting their deportation hearing who never show up is even higher, perhaps around 70%.  
Illegal Aliens
Harmless looking people, right?  You're being deceived, the same as the Jews were deceived when the Nazi's told them they were ONLY being reloacted. The Man you see in this photo is Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.) who is one of the chief architects of the Amnesty Movement and is also the main leftists subversive and enemy of America.
Illegal Aliens
Another photo of  the "Racist Puerto Rican Hispanic Luis Gutiérrez" with more Illegal Aliens.  Harmless looking people, right?  You're being deceived, 

Yes, you are most certainly being deceived in the same way the Jewish People were deceived by the Nazi's when they were told, "they were ONLY being relocated" to more suitable and pleasant lands.  This deception is also partly being done by the endless parades of harmless and pitiful looking woman and children  to play upon your heart strings.  These woman and children are well selected props, as we see in the above photos?  They never show you the true images of the illegal alien hords who are invading across our borders, some waiving Mexican Flags and more recently they have been taught further deception by waiving the American Flag.  However they all subscribe openly to the doctrines of the Reconquista ("Reconquest") Movement?  This is what they do not want the Whites and Blacks to know about.  This is all part of their goal, which is to reconquor portions of the South West they have been taught and claim was part of their  Ancient Mexican Empire or even further back beyond the times of the Spanish Conquest, The Aztlan Empire.  This is in reality their Aztlán Conquest that they are all involved in and assisted by radical leftists in the United States, some of whom are even themselves white of European Ancestry.  

Look behind what you think are the Harmless, Pleasant and Peaceful people "just wanting to become American's" because the most certainly do not.  What their ultimate goal is, is to Conquor your lands and either run you off of these lands and if that does not work, they intend to exterminate you.  This comes from their very own writting and doctines.
 They have also been taught that their first step will be to simply outpopulate you and vote you completely out of power.  We see it completely with politicians such as Luis Gutiérrez himself.  Although in his particular district many of his constituants actually do consist of white people and black people, he seems to only be interested in representing what he has refered to as "His People".   Try calling his office sometime and when they tell you he is not avaiable and would you like to leave your name and number for a return call.  If your name is anything other than a Hispanic Name and if you had not been recognised as speaking Spanish, you will get no call back.  I contracted with a research firm recently to do exactly this and found that English Speaking people with European names, never got a call back and staff of the research firm who spoke Spanish and left Hispanic Names, emediately did recieve call backs almost emediately.  

Was it just a 
coincidence?  No absolutely not, as our research was conducted over two months at various time of the day and involved a total of 100 people of which 50% were Spanish Speaking with Hispanic Names and the other 50% were English Speaking with European Names.  The results spaning all thosee days was the same as mentioned above.

What exactly is the incentive for someone like Luis Gutiérrez to throw his entire support and efforts behind illegal aliens invading our country?  Gutiérrez's family is from Puerto Rico and most of these illegals are now arriving with the encouragement of Obama and Biden, from South and Central America as well as those who come from Mexico.

Traditionally these Tribal people do not get along well with each other in the countries where they are from and the only thing they have in common with one another is that they were all conquerored at various times by the Spanish.  Most and what does make it possible for 
Gutiérrez to even communicate with them is that most of them do speak Spanish. However many of them speak only their tribal languages such as the Mayan languages which are spoken by at least 6 million indigenous Maya, primarily in Guatemala, Mexico, Belize and Honduras. All the locations that these Illegal Aliens are coming from.  They generally do not get along well togeather and as far as Spanish speaking people from let's say Cuba, Puerto Rica and Mexico, they definately do not get along well togeather at all, to put it mildly.  So the real reason Luis Gutiérrez is the self proclaimed representative and Hero of these Illegal Aliens is because quite simply he is using them and they are using him for the purposes of a common goal, which is the destruction of the United States and the White People by what is called, "Reconquista ("reconquest") Movement?  They have all been taught, the lands they believe in the MYTH of Aztlán.  It is in fact what they also refer to as Aztlán Conques

Quite simply that is that they, those who you think are just Harmless Illegal Immigrants are in fact a deliberate part of a plan to overwhelm us and Conquer us. - for more information see:  Reconquista ("reconquest"), see also National Will OrganizationSecond Mexican Empire,  MEChA,   Aztlán,

You don't believe me do you?  How about we consider in their own words what their goal is:
Jose Angel Gutierrez In an interview with In Search of Aztlán on August 8, 1999,
"It is not our fault that whites don't make babies, and blacks are not growing in sufficient numbers, and there's no other groups with such a goal to put their homeland back together again. We do. Those numbers will make it possible. I believe that in the next few years, we will see an irredentists movement, beyond assimilation, beyond integration, beyond separatism, to putting Mexico back together as one. That's irridentism [sic]. One Mexico, one nation.

Now let's look at the definition of the word Irredentism:  (from Italian irredento, "unredeemed") is any position of a state advocating annexation of territories administered by another state on the grounds of common ethnicity or prior historical possession, actual or alleged.

"We are millions. We just have to survive. We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. It's a matter of time. The explosion is in our population".............. Jose Angel Gutierrez videotape made by the Immigration Watchdog website (as cited in the Washington Times)

Do you now see that according to their own admission, they intend to overwhelm us?  In fact it is quite simply an Invasion.
 And who is it that is calaberating with them?  Who is it that is financing their invasion?  Who is it that is feeding then, housing them and giving them free medical care, all paid for by our own US tax dollars.  A 2002 Zogby poll reported that 58% of Mexicans believe that the southwestern US belongs to Mexico.
Now why does Obama sign on to all of this?  Believe me, he does know full well what their goal is.
Obama claims that deporting all 11 million people who are in the U.S. illegal would be impossible
It is more that possible, it is esssential since these people have been able to come here because of the Federal Government's failure to do it's job to secure the border and enforece immigration laws.
Obama claims deporting the illegal aliens would contradict the country's immigrant-friendly values.
However rewarding them fir surcumventing the immigration laws would send a message to all future illegals that they would be rewarded for these crimes.
Obama has talked about the cost as being a factor in NOT deporting them
However their very existance here and living off of the Tax Payers Dollars will bankrupt us unless it is stopped. Additionally whatever money spend on deporting each and every one of them who is here illegally would cost less money that to feed, house, educate and care for their medical needs, which IS NOT the responsibility of the United States and it's working tax payers.
He said his executive actions were limited
Another one of Obamas Lies that we are just suppose to accept and believe whole heartedly?  At a stroke of his Executive Pen, he can change it all to include all 11 Million, which is his intentions.
He also says, "Congress still needed to act to implement certain key reforms, including a pathway to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants.
What he does not say is that part of his goal is to have all 11 Million for the purpose of voting democrat, thus shifting the entire power in this country to him and his leftist democrats.  These 11 million is what he is counting on to achieve his ultimate goal which is a leftist dominated government and no way to get them out of office, short of a violent revolution.

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