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Lessons in Weapons for the novice (Part 1)
by Randal M. Bundy 10 August 2014
What weapons should you buy?  Let's take a look at some of my personal favorates shall we? 
Randal M. Bundy Personal Weapons
First and formost above top:
(1) - Remington 700 - 308 Caliber / 7.62 mm - who I have named Harriot.  Now I am absolutely serious about the ability to reach way the hell out there and give the enemy a little slapping around, yet remain at a comfortable distance, well out of his reach.  With the Remington 700 I can do just that, and with the Vortex Scope and the Bi-Pod I am absolutely confident and sure of every single round being right on target, never forgetting the basic phylosophy of, "One Shot, One Kill.  Particularly rewarding for me is the knowledge that at my prefered distance from the enemy Jihadist,  the bullet will travel faster than the sound will. Thus I can send that dedicated Jihadists to Hell, before his buddies will ever hear the sound. However I do prefer of course to use a silencer, but in this particular photo it is not on display.

(2) - Below that is the Bushmaster that I have named, "Marion".  Now I prefer a little larger caliber than that little 5.56 mm round and this Bushmaster is 7.62 mm X 51 and does fit my needs and of course it has the smaller scope and bi-bod too, since every Jihadist does deserve an accurate shot I want to make sure no one is left out.

Now these are only two of my favorates, but if I did have to pick just one between these two, it would be the Bushmaster.  To get set up with this rifle will require an average investment of perhaps $1,600 and then you have the cost of the scope, bi-pod and enough extra magazines to have what is called "a Combat Load".  Make sure you don't go to a party unprepared now.  


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