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Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham in the above photo looks more like an ugly little school boy brat with a bad haircut and a bad attitude.  The word on her T Shirt might be a clue as to what really does possess her.  Obviously Bleached Blond was NOT a very good choice for Lena.  The Eye Brows look too much out of place.
Lena Dunham
Certainly NOT a very complementary Picture of Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham
This photo does look like it could be from her College days and here she also looks like a ugly little boy with a bad haircut to match her bad attitude.  Not also when a woman is wearing a T Shirt with the slogan, I'm with her and an arrow pointing, it usually is a clue that she is in fact Lebian.  Perhaps she really does have a sexual identity crisis.

Lena Dunham
Now this is also NOT a very flattering photo of her and one that I hope does not come back to haunt me in a nightmare that I might have while sleeping.
Lena Dunham
She still looks like a little School boy, but in this photo perhaps he decided to try his sisters brazier on.
Lena Dunham and her alleged Rape
during her College Days

By Randal M. Bundy - 04 December 2014

I had really not intended to write an article about Lena Dunham and her Alleged Rape during her College days by who she refers to as a, “Campus Republican Named Barry”.

Now I only traveled down this sleezy road of nonsense which Lena Dunham is involved in because a number of people have asked me to talk about it and becasue it seems to be constantly in the news.

Lena Dunham's account of the alleged incident in her book, "Not That Kind Of Girls" have been brought into question to say the least.  Others might call it a complete lie which she has concocted for political reasons to get attention for herself and her book as well as gain rocognition from the Leftist-Liberal Mainstream Media and Political Machine. In other words the entire story is a political hit job.  Why else would she have so obviously emphasised the so-called rapists as being Repyblican and or Conservative?

Lets look at several things that stand out for me.  First off most Republicans that I know of and almost all of them who consider themselves to be conservatives, would not be able to tolerate dating a Leftist-Liberal Democrat long enough to actually have dinner and a movie with.  I know because I myself did unknowingly find myself in such a situation.  Of course when first committing to the date, I did not realize the woman's political persuasion and the subject came up.  But once on the date, when it was too late to back out, I had to endure an evening filled with tormenting topics such as:  “The Environmental destruction at the hands of those evil capitalists” and that was one of the more milder ones of the evening.  Believe me when I say that when finally when I was able to drop the woman off at her home, I felt like a “Inmate who had just escaped from Prison".  The thought of intimacy with her was the furthest thing from my mind.  As for a second date, you must be kidding, right?

So my point here is that as I see it, the two ideologies of Left and Right, Conservative Republican and Leftist-Liberal Democrat are so diametrically opposed or polar opposites that I do not think these two groups could even actually be able to sit down in the same room together and have a civil conversation with one another.  There would probably have be a call placed for emergency medical assistance as these from my experience anyone stating a contrary opinion in the presence of Leftist-Liberals would most likely be physically attacked and torn apart by anyone on the left.

Now in my own defense I must mention that it was not I who wandered into the discussion of the “Fabricated Environmental Crisis“, it was she.  But once there I just couldn't keep my mouth shut as it is just not within my character to simply agree with any woman regardless of how attractive and sexy she might be. I am not some young College boy with ulterior motives in mind when I asked her to join me for the evening.

So in regards to Lena Dunham, an obvious Liberal-Leftist Democrat during her University days actually freely and knowingly dating one who she describes as the "Campus Conservative Republican", is what I would find too hard to believe and highly doubtful.  The idea of either one actually becoming intimate or even friendly enough to be in a situation where rape would be possible is certainly in question.  But there is far more discrepancies to her story that leads me to doubt that the entire "Rape" ever took place, which I will elaborate on shortly.

Now my intent here is not to pick on poor Lena Dunham.  If in fact she was raped while under the influence of Alcohol and Drugs by someone who she thought was her friend, then certainly we can feel sympathy and compassion for her as a victim.  However given her present state of mind obviously being questinable at best, If I was a defense attorney, all of this would be brought into court in an effort to prove to a jury that perhaps she was making the story up to get attention or perhaps she had actually had consentual sex, was later rejected by the man and would be seeking revenge or perhaps she actually did invite what was actually just a crazy sexual encounter.  

I do not believe that she was the victim of a rape, and I think she is somewhat mentally imballanced and probably has been for sometime now, perhaps ever since early childhood.

Aparently not too many people believe her story either as many article I have read point to strong scheptosim regarding her alleged rape.  One of course being Why she did not make a report of it to the police.

In her book her description of the event is somewhat vulgar they way she describes an the alleged incident and she heerself indicated that she had not originally viewed it as a Rape,  It seems that she confided in a friend who insisted that it was a rape, even though she had been drinking and doing drugs on the day that it happened.  Even though on the day of the so-called rape she spent the day with the alleged rapists who seems to have been her friend, even though she describes being very high and drunk, walking through a parking lot with the man and at one point stops beside a parked car to urinate in front of her friend.  She goes on to indicate that he touched her in a sexual manner and afterwards willing goes back to his apartment and has what she thought was consentual sex.  However after casually describing the incident with another woman she learns that it was actually sex.  

Lena Dunham - born May 13, 1986) is an American actress, author, screenwriter, producer, and director.  Both her parents are artists and her mother is also an actress.  Now all of the atributes I have just mentionned, actress, author, screenwriter, producer, and director are all things dealing with Make believe.  An actor does not necessarily live the life of the role they are performing yet to watch them on TV an audience may at times be confused.  For an example, George Clooney may have portrayed a Doctor in a TV Soap Opera, and perhaps he was a good actor and made a very convincing doctor in  the role he was playing, yet he knows absolutely nothing about medicine and of course never attended one day of medical school.  He once described a fan who he encountered who instead of asking for the usual autograph, started telling him about her alielmenst as though he would somehow be able to diagnose a cure for her.  He politely told her that He was not really a doctor in Real Life, just an actor. 

I suspect this in the case with Lena Dunham, except that as an actress she is no way near the quality or caliber of George Clooney.

As for her book, "Not That Kind of Woman", well I am not sure of exactly what type of Woman Lena Dunham is expecting people like me to think she is, when she gets so drunk and high that she pulls her pants down in publuc and urinates in frnt of a man she hardly knows, according to her own account inher book.  I really do not know what kind of woman She wants us to regard her as when she willingly publishes a picture of herself naked sitting on a toilet seat while eating an entire cake, as seen in the above photograph in the right column.

According to Dunham she describs herself as feeling "very culturally Jewish", and she says, "although that’s the biggest cliché for a Jewish woman to say”; her father is Protestant, and her mother is Jewish.  One has to wonder exactly what they hell she is talking about, since after all she has brought the subject of being Jewish up herself. According to Jewish beliefs if your mother is Jewish, then you are Jewish, of course not that any of that really has anything to do with the matter at hand here.

Dunham appeared in a video advertisement promoting President Barack Obama's re-election, delivering a monologue, which tried to "get the youth vote by comparing voting for the first time to having sex for the first time".  A large number of people found this adverrtisement very "tasteless and inappropriate"

Lena Dunham is also known to be very supportive of the Radical Homosexual Comminty and their Issues

She is dating musician Jack Antonoff, lead guitarist of the band Fun but has publically stated, "she  will not get married until same-sex marriage is legalized, Oh Gee How Noble of her as though that is some kind of a protest or boycott that anyone on this planet would care about.

Dunham was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder as a child, and continues to take a low dose of an antidepressant to relieve her anxiety.  Perhaps this last little tid-pit of information might very well explain everything we were all wondering about her and her mental condition.

Lena Dunhams Book
This is apparently her book cover and NO I am not placing it here as an advertising for anyone to buy, sorry I do not engage in the business or pornography nor trashy novels.  As for the bi-line, :A young woman tells you what she's learned"? does anyone really care?  Speaking for myself, NO!
Lena Dunham
Now this photo, I really must appologise for even placing it here, but she has made it public for all to see, except in the orginial photo is not sensored. Really Lena, sitting naked on a toilet and eating an entire cake?  What were you thinking?  Is this how you really what the entire world to see you and the image you want to stick in our minds?  Is this what you any of us really want to see?  Is this what you want your Parents to see?  Give it a little more thought next time and spare us all the torture, Please, It's not very attractive, nor is it very classy.

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