Unconventional Warfare by Randal M. Bundy - 2015
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Randal M. Bundy while in Military Service
Legitimate Enemy Targets

Let's consider for a little while who would be considered ligitimate targets during such a war as I have mentioned here.

The enemy soldier

First Rule of Action is survival at any means possible and that means quite simply that contact with the enemy should be avoided unless you know for certain that you and your forces are in a possition of surperior number and strength as to defeat the enemy.  This holds true rather contact with the enemy is your laying an ambush for him or going head long into a driect conventional battel against him.

The Second rule of Action when it is determined that you do have a winning hand is the enemy must be eliminated unless taking them captive would render you with vital intelligence information.  Equal opportunity works both ways so there are no exceptions for female enemies. Now the enemy does not have to be clothed in a unifrorm with unit patches and all the rest of identifying marks. Generally speaking if they are in a theator of war, baring firarms or not then their intentions are to kill you and your people. This also holds true for collaberators as well.

Now there are things to consider that are very sensitive targets such as the following:

Religious Insititutions and Religious Leaders.  
Generally speaking Churches are sacred by civilized societies and people just as Religious Leaders are too.  However those Religious Leaders also have a responsibility and obligation to maintain a distance from actually serving as support mechanisms for the military they may feel allied toward and they must also prevent their churches from being utalized by the military itself in order to maintain themselves and their churces from becoming targets.  I refer here to Muslim Mosques which have regularly been utalized as shelters for snipers and warehousing of arms and ammunition for the attacks upon both enemy civilians as well as enemy soldiers.  They have also regularly been where the enemy with try to flee as a last resort or as a means of protection through sancturary after they have slaughtered your unarmed civilian population. 

If a priest willingly uses his church to store arms and ammunition and shelter for snipers, then he can hardly expect to be afforded the religious exemptions from being a target himself.  If such an attack was approved then that approval would most certainly have to come from the highest levels of the particular military in that sector.  In other words I would suggest that it could not be an attack initiated at low level units, unless in the case of the physically being utalized by snipers, in which case there is no time to consult with higher authority. In that case the sniper must be eliminated at all cost, including damage to the Religious building.  Hopefully non combattants will have already evacuated to a safer location.  However if evacuation is conducted while you and your troops are have establishing a peremitor around the building, then all caution must be take against any possible infiltration of enemy soldiers hiding amongst the civilian population.  It is reasonable to presume the ememy will attempt this without hesitation since that same enemy utalized a religious building for cover when firing against you.

Now in regards to the normally excepted priests.  Consider that is actually that priest is considered a part of the civil leadership of this race war which I refered to.  Suppose the have full knowledge of autrocities being committed and they have provided material support for such atrocities. It is pretty conclusive that he has now moved from his role of providing spiritual and religious guiidence of soldiers in need,  to an actually leader of the opposition forces?  Any such assasination of him or destruction of his church would have to be carefully considered by higher military and civil authorities, but personally I do under those circumstance agree that his assasination would be justified provided it was determined that he was a willing contributing factor of material support for those who would be committing atrocities toward your people.  Destruction of his church would also be warranted provided that it was clear that that facility would continue to be used in such a way to desquize it's it's true purpose as a warehouse of arms and ammunition for your enemy.

However it is important to understand that the random targetting of Churhces and religious leaders as well as those attending Church services are NOT legitimate Tagets in themselves.  Depending upon the war itself this may very well change since it is considered by most that in the case of Islam itself, by nature and proven history the religion itself is part of the overall driving force that is behind the actions of attrocities committed against civilian populations.  Moving into that welm of the War would be something determined at some point by higher command.

Collaberators and Traitors

During WW2, the British did believe they might be able to repeel a German invasion of the Island and they made extensive plans for Guerrilla Warfare against the Invading and Occupying Germans troops.  Included in those plans were sabatage, assasinations as well the killing of colaberators under certain curcumstanes.  The fate of calaberators, rather Life and death would preferably and idealy be decided by the Military and executions would be carried out most likely by the Guerrilla Forces or the Resistance itself.  However in many circumstances such as the discovery of one of your own citizens fighting along side the enemy that comitts atrocities against your people, well that person's fate will most likely be decided by the localResistance or Guerrillas themselves in a very short period of time.

Even during a Race War, there will be callaberators and traitors depending upon your enemies actions. There may be a few people who for some reason believe they themselves will be rewarded for the betrayal of their people.  Of course if your enemy is successful in their race war, these people will most likely be exterminate by the very same people they served.  

Enemy Command and Control

Most certainly these would be considered legitimate and viable targets in any war and especially during a race war.

Civilian Leadership

Absolutely they are legitimate targets but also anyone and everyone who was in any way a part of the War Support.  Their actions are directly supportive of your enemy who is trying to exterminate you and your family.