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The Leftists that I refer to actually consist of a number of various groups under various names, which often change depending upon who they are talking to at the time and who they are trying to brainwash with their ideology.  They may refer to themselves as Leftists, Communists, Socialists, Marxists, Maeists, Lenninists, Progressives, Liberals and other terms which may be deceptive.  That is the nature of the Leftist Coalition and actually a necessity for them becasue in most cases if people actually recognised what they truly were, they would run from the as quickly as possible.
  1. Socialism And Communism
  2. Leftist Coalition
  3. Leftist Infiltration Of Universities And Schools
  4. Leftist Media
  5. Leftist Media Propaganda Manipulation Zimmerman And Martin Case Just One Example
  6. Leftist Revolutionaries The Mess They Make
  7. Cults Of The Left
  8. Agenda 21
  9. Big Brother And Your Children
  10. Common Core
  11. Congressional Democrats Running Scared Ass Kicking Coming
  12. Connecticut Democrat Govenor Benefits From Gun Control Millions
  13. Democrat Circus And Freak Show
  14. Democrat Politicians Are As Frightening As Fantical Muslim Terrorists
  15. Democrat Politicians Think They Are Above The Law
  16. Democrats Blame Racism And Sexism For Their Loses In The Mid Term Elections But Ignore Blacks, Woman, Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party Supporters
  17. Democrats Can Not Tolerate Or Afford Freedom Of Speech And Freedom Of The Press
  18. Democrats Have NOT Won A Majority Of White Woman Voters Since 1992

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