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Leftist Media Propaganda Manipulation
Zimmerman and Martin Case Just One Example

by Randal M. Bundy - 22 December 2014

03 - The Leftist-Liberal Mass Media Propaganda, Manipulation and Misconstruing and falsification of facts and details. - There are so many cases of the leftist democrat supporting media deliberately shape public opionion instead of actually reporting the news in an unbiased manner.  These instances go back many years, longer than I have been alive.  Instnaces with the George Zimmerman case where they actullyt obtained and edited and spliced audio tape of the 911 call.  They did this in an effmake the shooting actually apear as racially motivated shooting on Gege Zimmerman's part.  When the mainstream media showed pictures of the victim, Travotin, they deliberately chose a picture of him from many years earlier when he appeared looking like an little angel, which deliberately choosing a picture of Geroge Zimmerman from the night he was taken in for questioning emediately after the shooting ordeal, clearly under duress and not at his best.  They did all this to emediately begin the manipulation of public opionion against Geroge Zimmerman.

and another one here favored by the Main Stream media to project and form in the minds of a gullable and naieve public exactly what they wanted the public to think.

What the main stream media DID NOT want you to see was the real Geroge Zimmerman and the Real Trayvon Martin and this is only an example of the manipulation and forming of public opionion they have been doing for many years.
Trayvon Martin
Here we have a picture of Trayvon Martin's Father
Trayvon Martin's Father
As a side not which pertains to manipulation of the public:  Pay special attention to the "Presumed"  Freemason's Hat that he is wearing on his head.  He is doing this in an attempt to sway public opionion, and especially toward other Freemasons, particularly of the Prince Hall Lodge of Freemasons.  Prince Hall Lodge is NOT an officially recognised Masonic Order and that particular hat is NOT an officially recognized attire either.  It is unique only to the Prince Hall Lodge which is a "Black's Only Mason Organization, not recognised by The American Grand Lodge.
However even it is was, it would have been improper for him to appear in public wearing it in the context for which he was wearing it, becasue his public appearence has absolutely NOTHING to do with Freemasonery. His abuse of any symbols of freemasonry is in itself grounds for him to be expelled from the lodge.
 However the point I make here is that he is using this hat and his alleged membership as props for his obvious pursuit of a civil lawsuit on behalf of the death of his son.  Now consider perhaps this picture was taken of him inside of a Prince Hall lodge and he or someone in his family may have released it to the media, again that act alone would have been a violation of masonic laws since it was being used in a manner which has NOTHING to do with Freemasonry.  Perhaps this is yet another reason the Prince Hall is NOT recognized by the athentic Freemason Grand Lodge of America.

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