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  1. University Violates 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press to Pamper to Muslims
  2. NPR Surprised that Blacks Support The 2nd Amendment?
  3. Anne Hidalgo Mayor of Paris Throws a Temper Tantrum
  4. Pope And Vatican are Cowards and Traitors
  5. Judge Elizabeth E. Coker's Perversion of Justice in Texas
  6. Leftist Media Propaganda Manipulation Zimmerman and Martin Case Just One Example
  7. Elizabeth Warren Investigative Reports Her Ties to Radical Iranian Muslims
  8. Elizabeth Warren Cherokee Ancestory or Not
  9. Which Bitch Witch Shall it be for the Democrats in 2016
  10. Lena Dunham and her alleged Rape during her College Days
  11. More examples of Mainstream Media Lies, Manipulation and Surpressing of Facts
419 - Democrats Blame Racism & Sexism for their loses in the Mid-Term Elections but ignore Blacks & Woman Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party Supporters
416 - 2nd Amendment Prevails - Defeat for the Gun Control Crowd
415 - The "Demonic Evil" known as, "Senator Harry Reid" is not a worthy Mormon
408 - What The Real Long Term Agenda of the Left Is
405 - I am proud to report that one of my articles, "Satan Right At Home Within The Democratic Party" was published by Christian Political Party.
I thank them and I am honored.  Check out their "On-Line site" at Christian Political Party.
405 - If this was actually a shooting War
401 - Connecticut Democrat Govenor Benefits from Gun Control Millions
396 - Crazy Joe Biden says, "Democrats Ready For Compromise"
395 -
394 -Democrats have NOT won a majority of White Woman voters since 1992
390 - CNN Admits 70 % of Americans Ready to Hang the Democrat Bastards 
388 - Hillary Clinton and Her Marxist-Socialist Comments
387 - Pleeeease, No More Bushes!  We've Had Enough Already
384 - Canada and Gun Control
383 - Democrats can not Tolerate or Afford Freedom Of Speech and Freedom of the Press
379 - Government Loss of Credibility
378 - Progressives, Eugenists, Nazi's and the Ebola Virus
367 - Girl Scout's Leftist Leadership brings Membership Losses, Cookie Boycotts and Bankruptcy
359 - Big Brother and Your Children
357 - Alison Grimes Sinking in the Polls Hillary Clinton Shows up to Save The Day
350 - Alison Grimes Again Refuses to Answer Question! Is she Pleading the 5th, like Lois Lerner?
345 - Government, Ebola and The Shadow Play
342 - U.S. Airways Flight Attendant Rude and Snobbish toward American Hero 1st Sergeant Albert Marle
340 - Bill Clinton rides to The Rescue of Democrats in Arkansas
336 - CDC Director Lies to the Public who pays his Salary
335 - Alison Grimes and the Lying Game, She really the Obama Girl of Kentucky.
334 - UN World Health Organization finally admits Truth about Ebola Threat
332 - More Confirmation Global Warning is a Scam
330 - Who could have Imagined these two Freaks Getting this Far in Life
327 - Eric Holder, Will we see him hauled off to Prison?
314 - Seattle, Washington's Garbage Police
306 - People’s Climate March in New York "True Pigs Of The World"
303 - The Democrat Circus & Freak Show is in town, and they've Brought ALL the Clowns & Freaks
297 - Democrat Politicians are as Frightening as Fanatical Muslim Terrorists
295 - Artic Ice Shelf Expanding Proves Global Warming Fraud
285 - U.S. Army Officer told to Leave daughter's School because of his Army Uniform
284 - Village of Maywood Fire Chief, Craig Bronaugh Bans the American Flag,  Marine Corp Symbol  and other symbols of Patriotism - He is an ASS
282 - The Three Stooges - Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton & Eric Holder
271 - Hollywood Feels the Economic Pench
268 - John Kerry is NO Biblical Scholar
267 - Michael Bloomberg's Big Failure at Gun Control goes back to his Private Business
266 - Democrat Politicians think they are above the Law
260 - Jerry Brown And California Insanity
242 - Pajama Boy and the Death of the Last Real American Man
203 - Free Marijuana for Low Income Residents says Berkeley, California City Council
202 - Let's all take a little stroll around Realville, USA shall we?
195 - Congressional Democrats Running Scared, Ass Kicking Coming in November Elections
193 - Criminal Charges and Prison Time or Violent Revolution and Executions
163 - Kirsten Powers forgets that God's Law is above Man's Law
158 - Satan Right At Home With The Democrat Party
156 - Alec Baldwin, "The Idiot Boy" - Rides Bicycle Wrong Direction - Stopped by NYPD - He and his Little Bicycle both arrested and taken down to the Police Station
151 - Abraham Lincoln's Mental Disorders & Drug Addictions - Crazy Man in the White House
149 - Truth About The War Between States
142 - Elizabeth Warren Cherokee Ancestory or Not
140 - Al Sharpton - FBI Informer, Dead Man Walking - No Where to Run To, No Where to Hide
137 - The Robin Hood Story Is Not The Basis Of A Successful Economic System
136 - Fluoride & Other Chemicals
131 - Abortion, The Industry Of Death
129 - Common Core - Leftists Indoctrination
127 - Common Core - Big Brother Want Your Children Minds
126 - Agenda 21 - Forced Depopulation & One World Government - end of National Soverignity
120 - When Lefitist Political Hacks are Appointed Judge
112 - Leftist Revolutionaries - Mess They Make
111 - Well, We did Try To Warn Them!
110 - Alec Baldwin The Idiot Boy
109 - Russell Brand, Idiot & Socialism Advocates
098 - Eric Holder, The Racist & The Justice Department Now An Institution of Racism
097 - News Media Lies about Black on White Racial Assaults, Generally Ingored or Misreported
096 - Mandela Is Dead, May He Roast In Hell
095 - Puppet Masters who Control The United States
093 - Environmentalists, the Idiot Al Gore and other Snake Oil Salesmen of the Left
089 - Michele Leonhart, DEA Chief Openly Critical of Obama  Comments about Marijuana Legalization
071 - Persecution of Whites - Mainstream News Media Deliberately witheld Reporting
052 - Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
050 - Eric Holder DOJ Political Oppression
049 - Eric Holder, The Racist & The Justice Department Now An Institution of Racism
048 - Wiretapping Congress by Obama Admin.
047 - American Military Targeted for Destruction by Obama
042 - Subliminal Messages & the Puppet Masters
029 - Lament for American and The Entire World
025 - FEMA
023 - Crazy Joe Biden the Fortune Teller Predicts Democrats Loose Congress
005 - Liberal-Leftist Talk Radio Dead and Dying in Major Cities

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