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Lawsuits are Strategies of Islamic Jihad
Why Would a Devout Muslim Want to Work at Abercrombie and Fitch?
Samantha Elauf
It was a set up.  An intentional intrapment.  It is another form of Islamic Jihad.  Why didn’t she? It wasn’t inconsequential, at least not for her. She spent the ensuing years suing, losing, suing again, appealing until her case reached the highest court in the land. So why didn’t she mention it? What was her agenda? That is perfectly clear now.

I ask you: what devout Muslim girl would want to work for a firm that peddles erotic, sexy clothes and soft-porn images? Their catalogue is not allowed in many homes. Many parents have rightly judged that it is too racy for their teenage daughters. So what is the pious hijabed one Samantha Elauf doing wanting a job like that?

It was all a set up. Why would Elauf want to work there? In order to force another major American business to accommodate Islamic norms and this time, that sinister agenda won the aid of the United States Supreme Court.

Remember her face, because she will do this again.  Also be forwarned about the rest of the Muslim Jihadists who are using this stradegy against all of us.

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