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Randal M. Bundy

Lament for American and the entire World!
by Randal M. Bundy

The following Article is what I wrote soon after the election of Barak Obama in 2008.   The article was primarily directed to my Jewish Friends here in the United States, Europe and Israel.  Back then in 2008 I predicted that Obama was Anti-Jewish / Anti-Israeli.  No I was not psychic but I knew that their was a great possibility that Obama was raised as a Muslim, and that his main influence through out his life was from Islam and the Radical Leftists.  Those who are radical leftists are overwhelmingly Anti-Jewish and Anti-Israel, even those members of the leftists who are Jewish themselves.  Those are the Jews who are referred to as, "Self hating Jews".

Well I was correct in my predictions then as it has become more and more obvious that Obama has sided with the enemies of Israel and have actually worked strongly against the National Security Interests of Israel and the Jewish People.   I do hope that the Jewish people understand what my point was then and is today.  Jewish people in the United States in 2008 and again in 2012 voted in overwhelming numbers for Obama.  It would be the same back in the 1930's if the Jewish people had voted for Hitler knowing what he had in plans for the Jewish people.  Of course back 
then the Jewish people had no way of knowing or even imagining what was truly in store for them, but in this present case of Obama the Jewish people in mass numbers should have seen it coming.

I tried to warn them, other Radio Talk Show Hosts also tried to warn them, but obviously they were not listening.  The Jewish people were not the only ones who made the stupid mistake of voting for Obama and later ended up paying the price for their ignorance and naiveté, as the young people in the USA are also responsible as the Poor are just as guilty.  All thought they were going to fair better with Obama as president and he did lead them all to believe this.  Even the black people in large percentages voted for Obama and they did so simply because he was black.  All of the people are guilty of not learning from history and thus the quote of, "Those who do not learn from History are doomed to repeat it".

Following is the article written in 2008 after Obama's Election:

Of the many Oboma supporters and voters here in the Unites States who I am most disappointed with are the Jewish people.  Before you call me anti-Semitic please hear me out.  I may not be Jewish but I have witnessed over the past number of years the growing threat against the State of Israel every day from the enemies who surround her.  If you, the reader are Jewish you should know exactly what I refer to and especially if you are Israeli.

I can not understand or make sense of how a Jewish person in the United States can cast a vote for someone who will not only turn his back on the State of Israel but will happily throw you to the wolves.  American Jewish people voted in majority numbers for Obama, did they not understand what he was, and who he associates with and what he has in store for them?  Could they not see what I saw in him?  But then again I also can not understand how American people who are intelligent and well educated can be so naive as to blindly follow this man.  History has taught me that the German people also were naive in this same way.

After the past four years I had hoped that the American people would have come to there senses.  I had hoped that they could have opened there eyes to see the wolf in sheep’s clothing standing directly in front of them, but I was wrong.

More than half of the people are aware of what this man is and what he intends for this country and Israel too.  But unfortunately due to the flaws in our electoral system here in the United States,  we could not prevent this outcome.

The American people and the entire world are about to enter a period of great darkness and when the people here, who are the cause of this finally do understand, then it will be too late.  I hope that I am wrong, but I cannot help remember the words of someone wiser than me who said, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. 
My heart goes out to the State of Israel and to the people of the entire world in these dark times that are certain to come.  American is now and will no longer be what it once was and the wilderness will be a cold place without the warm protective fire that once was. 

I lament for what will come to this world!

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