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Lama Sharif al-Shammari aka L.A. aka Toronto Jane
by Randal M. Bundy - 05 February 2015
05 February 2015 - 1815 hrs (6:15 pm)
"Lama Sharif al-Shammari" and is refered to by American Intelligence sources as "L.A." and is sometimes refered to as “Toronto Jane”
The Mysterious Female Terrorist known on her Twitter Account as  "Lama Sharif al-Shammari" (Not her real name) who has joined ISIS and seems to have excelled to high ranks and is refered to by American Intelligence sources as "L.A." and sometimes refered to as “Toronto Jane” becasue she travelled from Canada to join ISIS.

What these Intelligence agencies do not know and what RMB News Report is the first to learn is that she is in fact a member of the Suadi Royal Family.  This information comes from confidential sources of ours within the Saudi Royal Family itself.
 RMB News Report's European Offices is the first News Publication to break this news of all the News Reporting Agencies Worldwide.  The entire file with name, photographs and confirrming documentation of Credit Card Reciepts, copy of passport, and other documents including financial documents of funding of ISIS and Al Quida by certain members of the Saudi Royal Family as well as other critical information.  Our reporters in Europe have placed the originals safely in a Swiss Bank Safety Deposit Box and the key to that box is in the hands of a trusted attorney and the name of the bank and number is known only by a few persons in Europe who are themselves unconnected with RMB News Report.  In other words those documents will be NOT Be Disappearing down inside any "Black Hole" any time in the future.

I will be working on this development and will be updating information as I recieve it.  You can read an article pertaining to this matter at:
Mysterious woman from Canada’s rapid rise in ISIS puzzles intel analysts

Update: further details received: 20:25 hrs (8:46pm)

Two people not connected with RMB News Report are the only people who know the name of the Swiss Bank, the names of the attorneys who hold the two keys, the number of the safety deposit box holding the documents, and what is actually contained within the box and also the name of the person who rents the box and finally the security access to the box.  One of these people is in Paris and the other is in Nuremberg.  

So if someone wanted to actually gain access to the box, they would first have to know the name of the bank, know the number of the box, have a key to the box, know the name of the person who rents the box and 
know the security access code to the box itself.

Either of two keys will open the box but the attorneys do not know the name of the bank nor the box number nor the name of the box holder, nor the access code.  

The name of the bank is known to a Priest in Paris, but but that is all.  

And finally if something were to happen to both of the people, one in Paris and one in Nuremberg, there is a trusted third person who is in Canada who will know through unpublished means and will be able to retrieve all of the items necessary to gain access to the box after a little trip to various parts of Europe.

It all sound like something out of a very good mystery movie, but that is apparently the way it was all constructed and I personally had no hand in it.  I have seen the picture of the woman but asked them to cover up her name on their copy of her passport, which they were able to obtain from when she left Canada.  In the photo she is not wearing a head scarf and her face is clearly visible.  It is standard policy for the authorities in Canada to run a scan copy of all passports of people entering and leaving Canada.  It is fairly easy to get a copy of such a scan if you know the right person and provide financial gratuity to them for their time and effort. 

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