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La Raza and the Aztlan Reconquista, truth about
the Illegal Mexican Immigrant Invasion.
The illegal immigration issue is far more serious than most White Americans realize, and will inevitably culminate into a violent and bloody race war,.........
The truth is, America is undergoing an invasion, and no this is not a play on words, this is dead serious. These invaders are beginning their invasion as an incremental migratory invasion on the outward pretext that they are poor and disadvantaged, thus they are fleeing their own lands due to the failure of their state to uphold the standard of living of its citizens, but secretively they are a part of a conspiracy called “la Raza”. On the false pretext of seeking opportunity they have illegally entered the land so as to escape their corrupt and failing state, yet they have no ability to confront the truth of their own existence, That their state is failing because of the innate corruption of their culture, and their inability to uphold a complex society built by the Caucasian Spaniards, and not by them. Hence they have imagined this la Raza ideology so as to boost the moral of a failing people, and to place blame for their innate inadequacy and the sluggishness of their evolution.

What is la Raza? La Raza translates as “the Race” and is nothing short of the Mexican version of master race ideology, the tenets of which propose that the descendants of the Aztecs (Mexicans), are the true master race and are destined to take over the world. This desire to take over the world has manifest with a campaign to take over the southwest of the united states, thus annexing it as an enclave of Mexico. This region of the United states is what they call “Aztlan” and they believe that it is the rightful property of Mexico, and that it should have never been given up to the USA during the cession of 1848 after Mexico lost the Mexican-American war. Hence it is the goal of the la Raza movement to take back what was once considered territory of Mexico in what they call the “Reconquista” or reconquering.

The illegal immigration issue is far more serious than most White Americans realize, and will inevitably culminate into a violent and bloody race war, once the incremental approach to this invasion, which is more than 30 years in, reaches critical mass. Take a lesson from history as an example of what will happen. They say history repeats itself, and this is most definitely true if you consider that patterns of similar events always produce similar outcomes, simply put, it is a case of A+B=C. Take the Gothic invasion of Rome between the 4th and 5th centuries a.d.. In the late 4th century a tribe of uncivilized nomadic barbarians began to migrate into the territory of the Roman empire, this began slowly at first, as the Goths crossed the borders of Rome seeking opportunity. At first the Romans did not treat the Goths with much respect, making them work basically as slaves for wages of dog meat (literally). Then as more and more of the Goths made their way into Roman territory the greed of the land owners in the Roman Empire allowed for the seeping of more and more of the Goths into Roman territory, so as to provide cheap labor. The Romans were just too busy with the distractions of the games, counting money, and other hedonistic pleasures to notice that their land were being invaded.

By the early 5th century the Goths had reached such a large number in Roman society that they had become an accepted part of the population. Once their population had achieved critical mass they began to “claim the rights of citizens”, even though they were not. In years prior they had been trained by the Roman military and legions of Goths were created to serve as “expendable” soldiers. These legions of Goths began to demand that they be given equal rights and their own territory. When Rome refused a series of invasions commenced which culminated into the Roman empire being completely overwhelmed by the Goths. The Goths raped and pillaged Rome after a siege that resulted in the death by starvation of countless Romans, and inevitably resulted in what is known as “the Dark Ages”, several hundred years of a fractured feudal society, characterized by the disappearance of education, a high death rate by disease, periodic skirmishes between war lords, and institutional poverty. Is this what awaits America?

Even now we are on the cusp of a new dark ages within America. The society that our White fathers and grandfathers built for us has been overrun by illegal immigrants from Mexico. Our once clean and happy neighborhoods are now devoid of White faces, and are characterized by abandoned and crumbling buildings, Mexican markets, sex workers and homeless people on every corner, and roving gangs patrolling the streets. They have taken what our culture has built and have exploited it, corrupted it, and are  now destroying it. And this is all due to the greed of the money masters and corporate elites who allowed this horde of barbarians to enter our once great country, so as to reap the benefits of cheap labor. Yet within this horde, is seething an agenda to take over territory within the US for themselves, which in essence is what they have already done, yet they will not be finished until every white face has left the Southwest, either willingly or in death!

Due to the many wars being waged by the USA, the children of illegal immigrants have been trained in our military and are bringing back skills which are serving to train the forces of organized street gangs, which will one day engage in a militant onslaught against real White American citizens. When will the White majority of this once great nation awaken to the reality of this nations failure to protect the cultural values of the White Race, the sanctity of our families future, our failing infrastructure,our industries, and even our territory. When will we awaken to the reality of la Raza!

Reconquista (Re-Conquering) Movement.  


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