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Knights Templar Drug Cartel

The symbol used here by this Mexican Drug Cartel makes it obvious to me, that they do not understand the true symbolism of the Ancient Knights Templar, who would never have used a white cross on their breast plate.  I particularly find it offensive that they would steal the name of such a Historically Noble and Honourable Order of Holy Knight but yet use the colour and symbol of a completely different Order of Knights who did use the white cross as their symbol, whereas the Knights Tempar used a Red Cross. - Randal M. Bundy

The Knights Templar Cartel (Spanish: Caballeros Templarios) is a Mexican criminal organization composed of remnants of the defunct La Familia Michoacana drug cartel based in the Mexican state of Michoacán.  This Cartel was founded in 2011 in Michoacán, Mexico and at present its area of influence and control is Michoacán, Guerrero, State of Mexico, Morelos.  There Criminal activity is Drug trafficking, money laundering, kidnapping, racketeering, murder, arms trafficking, robbery, assault, counterfeiting.  They are also known as Sinaloa Cartel, Gulf Cartel, La Resistencia, Gente Nueva and their rival cartels are,  Los Zetas Cartel and Jalisco New Generation Cartel

After the death of Nazario Moreno González, leader of the La Familia Michoacana cartel, the other cartel co-founders, Enrique Plancarte Solís and Servando Gómez Martínez, formed an offshoot of La Familia calling itself Caballeros Templarios (or Knights Templar). Dionicio Loya Plancarte would also join.
The Knights Templar Cartel indoctrinates its operatives to "fight and die" for "social justice". They have taken full control of the now extinct La Familia Michoacana operations in states including Michoacán, Guerrero, State of Mexico, and Morelos. Its armed wing is La Resistencia.

This cartel members seemed to have stolen the name and symbolism of the ancient middle ages Knights Tempar and they claim to be protecting their communitiess.  However they are involved in Criminal Acitity and in reality they know nothing of the code and creed of the ancient Knights Templar Order nor the symbolism.  That Ancient and well respected Order of Holy Knights would not have approved of the methods and actitities of this drug cartel that has stollen it's name.

On the lookout: Last weekend the self-defenses encountered resistance as they tried to rid the town of the Knights Templar drug cartel while the government announced federal forces will take over security in a large swath of a western Mexico

Checkpoint: Men belonging to the Self-Defense Council of Michoacan, (CAM), inspect vehicles at a checkpoint in the entrance to the town of Nueva Italia

Violence: Men belonging to the Self-Defense Council of Michoacan engage in a firefight while trying to flush out alleged members of the Knights Templar drug cartel from Nueva Italia on Sunday January 12, 2014

Security: Self-defense Council fighters pat down municipal policemen in Nueva Italia on Sunday

Servando Gomez Martinez of the Knights Templar

Mexico vigilante leader wants cartel bosses dead, not captured

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