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Kidnapped Israeli Youth Found Dead

Monday June 30, 2014 - by Randal M. Bundy

Kidnapped Israeli Teens
Three Israeli Teens were kidnapped and killed on June 12, 2014 while hitch-hiking.  The bodies of the three were discovered on Monday June 30 north of the Palestinian town Halhul, just north of Hebron.

The three teens were: Eyal Yifrah age 19 from Elad;  Naftali Fraenkel age 16 from Nof Ayalon and was a duel-Israel-American citizen and Gilad Shaar age 16.

Israeli Security Agency last week identified two HAMAS Operatives from Hebron as being key suspects in the killings:  Ammar Muhammad Abu Eisha, 33, a locksmith, and Marwan al-Qawasmeh, 29, a barber. Both men allegedly disappeared from their homes on the night of the kidnapping have not been seen since.
Ammar Muhammad Abu Eisha and Marwan al-Qawasmeh
Suspects are (left) Ammar Muhammad Abu Eisha and (right) Marwan al-Qawasmeh both of whom  suspects have extensive association with HAMAS Terrorist Group.  Both suspect fled their homes and their whereabouts unknown.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that “Hamas will pay” for the murders of three Israeli teens.  Just hours later Israel's air force launched strikes on dozens of targets in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

HAMAS praised the kidnappings of the three Israeli Teens, but never claimed responsibility.  In Gaza, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri warned Israel against any broad offensive and boasted that "Netanyahu should know that threats don't scare Hamas, and if he wages a war on Gaza, the gates of hell will open on him,"
Sami Abu Zuhri - HAMAS spokesman

The Barbarism of most of the Palestininans was clear and evident, when bodies of the slain Israeli Teens were discovered and being removed by Israeli medical staff and authorities, Arabs apparently young and old alike threw stones at the Ambulance that was carrying the bodies of the Mudered boys.
IDF Ambulance Attacked

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal phoned Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan and briefed him on Israel's retaliation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.   Reports indicate that Mashaal pleaded with Erdogan and the international community to come to Hama's aid.

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal is also quoted as saying:  "The policy of kidnapping soldiers and settlers, is not a crime, but a source of pride.  Which to this reporter sounds like a typical Arab Double Speak and a round about way for Hamas to take credit for the kidnapping and killings of the Israel Teens, while still maintaining they had nothing to do with it.  

Prime Minister Netanyahu's spokesman, Mark Regev, said Israel would step up its calls for Abbas to dissolve the unity government he recently formed with the backing of Hamas.

Abbas has publically condemned the kidnappings, and his forces coordinated closely with Israel during the search for the teens. But he has so far refused Israeli calls to end the unity government, which ended a seven-year rift with Hamas. The Palestinian president called an urgent meeting of the Palestinian leadership on Tuesday to discuss the events, his spokesman Nabil Abu Rdeneh said.

Abdallah Abdallah, an adviser to Abbas, said the Palestinians regretted the loss of life.  "We want peace to be created in this part of the world so no mother or no family will be bereaved for the loss of their beloved ones, Palestinian or Israeli," he said.

Even Pope Francis, who in May visited the region, shared in the teens' families "unspeakable pain," said the Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi. In a statement, Lombardi said the "abominable and unacceptable" crime was a grave obstacle to peace and that Francis was praying that God "inspires all thoughts of compassion and peace."

This reporter would like to huimbly remind the Pope, his representatives, and spokemen that the god the Muslims pray to is not the same GOD the Christians and Jews pray to.  History tells me also that they are not at all compassionate toward their own people let alone toward those they consider enemies.  The Pope's best wishes may very well be appreciated by the Israeli's but as for the Palestinian's it is waisted words and sentiments as they truly do not want peace.

Israeli policy is and must be, "Heavy Reataliation" toward this and any other assault upon the Israeli people and people of Western countries need to come to an understanding of this.  I have heard weak, pacafists and other idiots winning that "Israeli Retaliation could jeprodise the peace pricess".  I supose these stupid idiot pacafists would be willing to just stand by and do nothing when their family members were kidnapped by some crazed man men.  WIll the then plead with police to just let the criminals go free because perhaps their act of compassion might convince the madmen to NOT harm any more people.  

Sadly it is absolutely true that the only way to deal with the Palestinians who want to kill every Jewish man, woman and child is to meet that threat with superior force and might.  In the Arab world, the only thing that has any amount of impression and respect is strength and might.

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