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Kanye West, Still Whining and Crying like a little girl
by Randal M. Bundy - February 25, 2015
BREAKING: Kanye West Announces He’ll Leave The United States Because Of Racism
Poor little Kanye West, He's just not appreciated here in the United States.  He's Still Whining and Crying like a little girl, even after all of the Millions of dollars he makes.  Somehow with all that money and the mansions he still walks around with the stupid looking little pout on his face and in his typical "Spoiled Little Brat" manner, now announces "He’ll Leave The United States Because Of Racism".

Well gee does anyone really care?  Hey Kanye West, Bye, Bye, Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  We won't miss you when you're gone.  Try Somalia. I hear it's really nice about this time of the year. Don't listen to all that nonsense you may hear in the White Man's News Media about Cannibalism, Warlords, Somalia Pirates, Aids, Ebola and Starvation or any of that stuff,  you're goanna love it there and hey they’re goanna love you too and they certainly are going to appreciate you and that big thick gold chain you wear around you're neck.  The Somali Pirates will appreciate you so much, they're probably  give you a real nice easy job as one of their  "Little Cabin Boys", however you will have to learn how to "Pucker Up Your Lips" some more if really want to be appreciated by them and the War Lords they work for.  The Warlords themselves might even make you their own little house boy to help them cope with those cold and lonely Nights, since I hear that woman are a little scarce in Somalia these days.

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