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2nd Amendment
Kansas Now Will Allow Concealed Carry Firearms
Without Permit Requirement

Carry Concealed

Another Victory for the 2nd Amendment Private Gun Ownership.  This time in Kansas which will now allow residents to carry concealed guns without having to obtain a permit.  Republican Govenor Sam Brownback on Thursday signed a bill ending the permit requirement. The change takes effect July 1.

Kansas will now become the fifth state to allow its residents to carry concealed firearms without a permit throughout the state.  Kansas joins Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming in having such a policy.  Montana and Arkansas have concealed carry without a permit, but not everywhere.  I am not sure exactly what specifications exist to limitations or locations where it would not be permitted.  Most states do not permit carry coceiled in Federal Buildings, Schools, Hospitals, and perhaps not in business establishments that have policies against it.

Kansas still will issue permits for gun owners who want to carry concealed in other states that recognize Kansas permits. A person seeking a Kansas permit must undergo eight hours of firearms training.

Brownback said gun owners have shown they are responsible.  However Democratic state Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau of Wichita said the state still should require some training.  That opionion of course does not surprise me one bit, since most democrats have an anti 2nd ammendment agenda as part of their political platform.

Further on the matter of the 2nd ammendment I find that the Reverend Samuel Mosteller, longtime president of the Georgia Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) has statement saing that Black families should be exercising their Second Amendment right, in response to all the violent and tragic police shootings claiming the lives of several unarmed Black men and children.

I find that he seems to be implying that police shooting may be a result of racism, however he concieniently disregards and does not mention that many of the police shooting are the result of black police officers shooting both black, white and hispatic  suspects as well.

Reverend Samuel Mosteller goes on to say, “You know, the SCLC stands for nonviolence,” but nonviolence hasn’t worked in this instance.”  “You stand there, (police) shoot. You run, they shoot. We’re going to have to take a different tack,” Mosteller passionately claimed. “Nobody is protecting the Black community! I am going to have to advocate, at this point, that all African-Americans advocate their 2nd Amendment rights."

I find here in his statement the inference of racism in police shootings, which is not proven to be fact in most cases.  However as far as so-called civil rights leaderss are concernedd if the suspect who was shot was black and the police were white, then to the racebaters such as Reverend Mosteller, that is enough evidence for him.  The legal system should make sure to never call this idiot racist as a jurior in and criminal or civil case, as he could not be considered "Non-Biased".

As for his statements regarding the 2nd ammendment applying toward Black American Citizens owning and baring firearms, I conpletely agree with him and have always asseted that the 2nd ammendment applies toward everyone, regardless of their race or ethnicity.  It is the leftists liberals such as in the following article who seem to place certain emphasis upon a rise of black Americans obtaining firearms, that the natoriously leftists-liberal National Public Radio (NPR) seems to be leading the public to be specially concerned about the rise of Black American Law Biding citisens wanting to arm themselves.


The NPR reported that concealed carry permits and gun ownership for self-defense is surging in the black community.  They go on to say," This marks a seismic shift toward guns in the black community, as more and more individuals realize the safety of their lives and the the lives of their families is literally in their own hands.

According to NPR, this positive view of gun ownership in the black community has jumped almost 50 percent in two years’s time. They cite a PEW Research Poll showing “54 percent of blacks now see gun ownership as a good thing,” which is up from the “29 percent” who saw it that way two years ago.

Because of this, Detroit, with its high black population, has actually emerged as a trendsetter for urban communities with citizens who legally carry guns.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said, "When you look at New Jersey, you look at New York, you look at California, DC, and Chicago, really it’s still a foreign experience. [But] when you look at the city of Detroit, we’re kind of leading the way in terms of urban areas with law-abiding citizens carrying guns.

The was an instance of a self-defense shooting in Detroit, Michigan, in which a female homeowner shot an alleged intruder to save her brother. Afterward, black neighbors encouraged every Detroit homeowner to get a concealed carry license in order to protect themselves inside the home and out.

Detroit Police Chief Craig grew up in Detroit and says that in the 1970s, “law-abiding citizens wouldn’t dream of carrying guns.”  But times are changing, and the black community is realizing that an armed, law-abiding citizen can make a great contribution to the safety of himself and others when carrying a gun for self-defense.

I have followed Chief Craig's support for the second Ammendment for some time now and agree with him completely.  In the past I have also made mention of his completel honsety regarding the Police's inabillity to actually protect their citizens.  I have also acknowledged that this fact is not the fault of the Police.

Black Americans and the 2nd Amendment
The Second Amendment was written for ALL American Citizens regardless of race or ethnicity.  Yet the only people I find expressing some sort of shock at the idea of a specific race being armed, is the typical leftist-liberal anti-gun lobby, organizations and Democrat Politicians.  They are also the same gang who try to convince the black community and other minority races that the Democrat Party represents them.  Nothing could be further from the truth though, as it is the Democrat Party itself that has been the most destructive toward Black and Hispanic families as well as toward all of our American Society over the years. 

Now my personal advise regarding Carry Concealed or Open Carry as some states do  permit:  If stopped by police, always be polite and respectful.  Tell them emediately that you do carry concieled, keep your hands up and away from your weapon.  Request the officer remove your weapon so that no incidents or movements could be misinterpreted by them.  Never be argumentative and always address them as sir.  Personally I find no reason to be combative verbally with them.  

If your state requires a permit, then comply and obtain one before carrying concealed.  If your state permists open carry, do so in a descrete manner and make sure it is permitted by any business you patronise.  An example of this is in my case there is one particular resturant, that I know does permitt open carry and I patronise them.  It is the same at a grochery store and gas station that I regulary visit.  All of these have no problem with my open carry.  I never flaunt the weapon, but it is there if a threatening situation does occur.  If I am ever confronted by the local PD, I keep my hands away from the weapon, in plain sight and am very polite and respectful should they inquire as to why I am carrying a pistol.  Of course I "Yes Sir Them To Death".   In this way I am non-provocative toward them and they know emediately that I am respectful to them as I polite state that I am in compliance with state law that does permit open carry and the business establishment that I am in also has not objections to it.

Now my traing goes back to my military days, when it comes to weapons so yes I am well trained and experienced with weapons.  I also do agree that anyone not trained and experienced attend weapons safty classes and also visit your loal shooting range.  Never never handle a wezpon in the pressence of a police officer.  If you carry your weapon in the glove compartment of your vehicle and you're pulled over for whatever reason, inform the police officer of your weapon in the glove box.  The officer will never legitimately ask you to remove it and hand it to him but even if he did, never, never do so, but invite him to remove it or inspect it if he must.  You want to go home at the end of the day and so does he.  Common Sense plays has alot to do with all of what I am talking about here.

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