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Jews and the Gun Control Issue
by Randal M. Bundy - 11 August 2014
Jews and the Gun Control Issue
The subject matter of Gun Control and Gun Registration leading ultimately to Gun Confiscation is clearly a matter of historic fact. This topic is obviously a controversial issue when it really does not have to be at all.  Some people will, out of ignorance, misunderstand what I am saying or in the case of the Leftist-Liberal Anti-Gun Types, they will attempt to misconstrue what I write in an effort to discredit me with accusations of Anti-Semitism, although that term in itself in an incorrect label.  I will discuss that subject later in this article.  Other people will understand perfectly well what I am saying and will agree with me.

The fact is there are certain wealthy, famous and influential Jewish people who are Politicians, Broadcast Media Personalities and wealthy businessmen who are behind the Gun Control Issue.  Now before I go any further on this issue let me first make it absolutely clear that I am not saying this is some grand conspiracy by some mysterious Jewish Cabal who is behind the Gun Control Issue.  What I am saying is that given the history of the persecution of the Jewish People as a whole, it surprises me that any Jewish Person at all would support Gun Control.
A vital message from JPFO's Rabbi Dovid Bendory 
We must after all remember from hisotry that one of Hitler's first acts or steps in persecution of the Jews and absolute dictatorial rule over the German people was to outlaw all guns. 

It also surprises me that any sane and rational person would believe that any of the ridiculous presumptions being put forth by the Anti-Gun advocates and lobby would be believed, such as effectively reducing crime in the United States or anywhere else on the planet, since it has been proven time and time again that the exact opposite is the case.  A well armed society is a polite society and along with education and a knowledge of History, a populous is less likely to be naive enough to actually believe the political lies of corrupt politicians.  They will also be less likely to cooperate with being marched off to relocation trains and shipped off to Death Camps. 

It absolutely disgusts me that Public Figures such as those show above, who are Jewish themselves would actually participate in the attempt to disarm a civilian population. 

Now there are certain exceptions of course that are made that should restrict certain criminals with a tendency toward violence and those members of our society who are certifiably insane and thus can be trusted to competently own and possess fire arms.  Of course I for one assert that before we begin screening the entire population to determine who qualifies as insane, we should first screen our political leaders as I have some very serious doubts as to their mental stability. 

I have studied History and much of that history does involve events of WW2 (World War Two) and the activities and goals of the Nazi party and its members.  Much of that history does in fact detail some of the involvement,  participation and collaberation of Jewish Leaders with the Nazis, even after it became painfully obvious that the so called, "Relocation of the Jews" was in fact a lie and that at the end of that long train ride was a death camp and ovens.

The difference between those Jewish leaders at that time who were facing the Nazis and the American Jewish Political Leaders of today is obvious to me.  It should also be obvious to everyone who has ever been a student of history, that history does repeat itself and they should see red flags of warning being raising in the minds when political leaders and others begin talking about gun control.  The first image thing that should come to everyone's mind, be they Jewish or otherwise, should be images of Nazis and Death Camps.  Why should anyone not understand that just as it occurred in Germany, it could just as easily occur right here in the United States or anywhere else and in any society.

Our founding father were very wise and experienced men and their judgement was sharp, when they chose and insisted upon the insertion within the Constitution of the United States, the First 10 Amendments, collectively known as, “The Bill Of Rights”.  Even though those founding fathers lived 200 years before the events that occurred in Germany against the Jewish people, their wisdom is as validated today as it was when they lived.  

The following video is Rabbi Dovid Bendory, who is the Rabbinic Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) and he talks about this subject in greater length and far more elegantly than I do.  I think you will find that he will also be far better than I am in conveying this message, so I will leave you with his video and his wisdom.

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