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Jerry Brown And California Insanity
by Randal M. Bundy - 26 August 2014
Jerry Moonbeam Brown
Jerry Brown the first time around
Jerry Moonbeam Brown
Jerry Brown the Second Time Around
Confirms the fact that you can fool the people more than one time
I read in the news reports today that Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown sent a great big "Welcome to all of the Illegal Aliens / Immigrants from Mexico, or what the politically crowd calls "Undocumented Immigrants".  At any rate the headlines read, "Govenor Jerry Brown to Mexican Illegals:  You're All Welcome in California".

Now we must first of all consider that California has what most sensible and sane economists agree is an unsustable budget and debt.  However you do not have to have a degree in economics to understand this. All that you have to do is actually live in the world of reality and be able to calculate simple math and compare it to your own family budget, income and spending.  Obviously that is the problem in California, is they, like Hollywood live in some kind of fantasy world, where as the rest of us live in "Realville"

The fact is also that most intelligent business owners are like most of the rational people who have in fact been "fleeing California" in droves and have escaped to the lands of the sane, rational and fiscally responsible.  I suppose that a fair percentage of those people just might have themselves been voters for the Political Cartel in California known as the Democrat Party that is responsible for all of the insane and irational budget of run-away spending and borrowing.  The difference between a drunken sailor and a California Politician is that the Sailor is in fact spending his own hard earned money whereas the California Politician is spending his constituants money and the money of the future generations who will someday have to pay it all back.   Of course they will never actually be able to do that.  Where are they going to get that money from, the Illegal Aliens they have so warmly and generously invited to come and live there in California with them?

Now the drunken sailor has earned earned that money he spends while at sea for several months without even seeing land.  I suppose he is perfectly entitled to get drunk and spend all his money.    When the California Political Machine and Cartel have spent all of the money they have stolen from the business sector and rich people whom they demonise, they have a simple answer, let's raise taxes.  The puzzeling thing is that when the question of raising taxes is actually placed on the ballet in California, the citizens apparently voted YES in a majority.  Yes, they actually voted themselves to pay more taxes.  I think you might obtain the same results from polling residence of an insane assylum the same question.
California's Official vs Actual "Wall of Debt"
California's Debt
Jerry Brown Political Button with Linda Ronstedt
A fantasy campagne Button from "Moonbeam" to run for President and Linda Ronstedt his first lady.

Jerry Brown, Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden
Here he is with famous radical leftist and traitor to her country Jane Fonda, also known as "Hanoi Jane" and on the right her is her husband of the time, also a radical leftist who turned politician Tom Hayden.

Jane Fonda and Jerry Brown
Another phtotograph of Moonbeam with Hanoi Jane Fonda

Jerry Brown with Jim Jones
There's Jerry Moonbeam Brown with Cult Leader Jim Jones.  Remember "Jim Jones" the Religious Cult Leader who lead his faithful followers to Ghiana where he served them the poinsoned Kool-Aid, thus the origin of the term, "Drink the Kool-Aid". It seems like California is drinking Jerry Brown's Kool-Aid.  
Linda Ronstedt and Jerry Brown
Adult children playing with very expensive toys, all paid for by the California Taxpers.
Linda Ronstedt
Those were the days when the only problems for the leftists in California seemed to be, where they were going to buy their next bag of Pot.  Above photo of Linda Ronstedt somewhere in the California Hills.  She was a hippy icon of the 70's.

Linda Ronstedt and Jerry Brown
with Linda Ronstedt

Jerry Brown, Linda Ronstedt and the Eagles Rock Group
Jerry Moonbeam Brown and Linda Ronstadt with Rock and Roll Group, "The Eagles" another of a lobng line celebrity supporters on stage May 14, 1976

Usually when sane people make a mistake, they learn from their mistakes.  Sometimes it may take ignorant people several rounds of making the same mistake before the finally do get it.  However the truly crazy people in the world just keep making the same mistake over and over again and somehow expect a different outcome. You might see a resident of an insane assylum who keeps trying to walk through a closed door without turn the door handle and pushing or puling on the handle. The resulst are of course predictable in the case of the truly insane.  In the case of a large percentage of California Residence perhaps it is because so many of those who ventured to California in the 60's and 70's were drugged out Marxist-leftist-liberals.  By now they really can not grasp the concepts of the sane and rational decisions and judgements any more than that man in the insane 
insane assylum who will never understand that you must first twist the door nob and then push or pull on the door knob to open it and walk through.

The standard joke of California is, "When the last Real American leaves California, please turn out the lights.  Well California is already a waist land like Mexico is.  If you ever thought about relocating to California, forget it!  There are no jobs to be found, not even the low paying jobs wasjing dishes.  I read about a canidate for the Govenorship who lived as a homeless man for a number of weeks, obviously to impress his constituants.  He admits that he too could not find a job.  How on earth does anyone live in California even with a job.  Actually I two friends, a married man and wife I knew who were living in the same midwest city that I live in.  They announced one day they were moving to California.  Later after a few years while in California on business I visted with them.  Neither of the two actually had a job. I asked them how they could live in California, due to the high cost of living and the inability to secure a job.  They lived in the nice but modest upper floor of an old house they rented in a resonably nice section of San Francisco.  They confided in me that the lived off of welfare and various other benefits of public assistance which when you do the math actually works out to be almost double that of a what a family of two both working full time would make.

Pot Smoking Supporters of Jerry Brown
Typical Supporters of Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown and a political Rally at Union Square in San Francisco – 1974 enjoying a little pot smoking.  I can't help but wonder where these two are today?  Probably still loyal democrats and working in some government burocracy somehwere, perhaps even the IRS consideering the scandles we have heard that agency scandels under the Obama Administration.  Perhaps they are professors at some University, indoctrinating the next generation of Marxist-Leftists-Liberals. 
How long can this Welfare state exist?  People actually are deprived of an incentive to work, to better themselves.

Now take that into consideration if you have ever wondered what the lure of California is and has always been.  Consider also that that information I just shared with you here is known to every single illegal alien from Mexico or any other country south of our border.  Consider also that these illegals under the Obama administration and the past Bush administration are not even required to be citizens to receive welfare and all of the other public assistance and they are not even required to produce identification of any sort.  However if you or I were to apply, since obviously upon speaking we would be instantly recognized as being citizens by our speech, we would be required to produce all sorts of identification.  Are we now beginning to see why California is destined to go bankrupt?
California Bankrupt
In time we will have right here within our borders every single unemployed and unemployable third world illegal alien living off our public assistance, of which those of us who do actually work are paying into in the form of the numerous taxes we pay.

Jerry Brown during his first term of office appealed primarily to the young, hippy, radical drug culture.  The same kinds of people we see in the photograph in the left column smoking pot.

I have business activities and interests in Los Angeles California and in particular Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  I find the people there to be very odd and impractical.  It is also a pervasive attitude among many of those who are notoriously far to the left of the real world. Now I was not born in those exclusive places mentioned and I did not grow up there either.  To be absolutely honest, I spend as little time there a necessary in reference to some of my business interests and activities.  I find that I just do not feel comfortable with most of the attitude and of some of those elitists and certainly there political and social agenda is not at all compatible with mine.

Now I make absolutely no apologies and while there if I am confronted about my views, I keep no secrets.  A trait of my upbringing in the real world is that I really do not care at all what the Hollywood and Beverly Hills crowd think or have to say about much of anything.  I can afford that luxury and I tap into that as much as possible.  

I used to live in Santa Barbara, which I really did enjoy.  I also spent allot of time in Berkeley, although now my time spent there is in and around Hollywood, Beverly Hills and often in places less known. Now anyone who have spent any amount of time in any of the cities will know that probably 90 % of Los Angeles, including Hollywood is absolutely no where that you really want to be if you have any value what-so-ever for your life.  In order to live anywhere safe, the cost of housing will be astronomically high.  The exception in regards to safety is of course Beverly Hills, but in reality most of the well known "Stars" really do not live there, and the atmosphere is one of stuffiness and arrogance.  

California could somehow escape the debt it is incurring by simply having that big earth quake and the entire state would perhaps just fall into the ocean.  At the same time that California debt could just be written off, and we could just rid ourselves of the problems with all of the Marxist-Leftist-Liberal types and the rest of the  rest of the United States can get back to living in "Realville".

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