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Texas Ranger' Chuck Norris warns of government plot to take over state
Chuck Norris

MESSING WITH TEXAS? Volunteers to keep close eye on 'Jade Helm'
Volunteer watchdog group dispatches to western states to monitor 'Jade Helm'
A CONTROVERSIAL US military training exercise known as ‘Operation Jade Helm’ rolls out this week across several southwestern states — but a group of wary citizen watchdogs will be keeping a close eye on them.
Volunteer watchdog group dispatches to western states to monitor 'Jade Helm'

Jade Helm in Texas
Hundreds of residents to keep tabs on military...Surveillance teams shadowing troops...

Drills stoke suspicion...

Special Forces Train With Cops For House to House Raids...
South Carolina residents warned they may encounter military vehicles
Special Forces out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina are training with SWAT officers in Richland County, South Carolina this week for house to house raids, another unnerving sign of the militarization of domestic law enforcement.
Concerns over drills such as this have heightened since the announcement of Jade Helm, a nationwide military exercise set to begin in July during which troops will operate undercover amongst local populations.

Texas On Alert For Federal Takeover

No trust: Texas military to monitor feds - Governor orders National Guard to Monitor l Special-Ops Exercises
Jade Helm

Texans Pack Meeting to Grill Army on Town 'Troop Training'... - Fears of Obama's Dictatorship using the U.S. Military to enforce his known persecution of Right Wing Patriots, Tea Party, Conservatives, Republicans and anyone who opposes him, including at times even his fellow democrats.  I would assert that the people of Texas and the entire country in fact do have very good reason to be concerned, considering the Cowards and Traitors in Congress who have surendered their power to Obama instead of ascerting their status as an equal and seperate branch of government as the designed and put forth in the Constitution.  Shame is too soft of a word to describe the Congress but words like "weaklings, quislings, corrupt, cowards and traitors" is far more accurate.
Jade Helm 15 Obama's War against the People

Jade Helm 15
Massive Military Drill?  Or Obama's Military Dictatorship Takeover and Marshal Law Imposed?
Jade Helm Military Drill or Obama's Military Dictatorship Takeover
Bringing Down America by Larry Grathwohl

ISIS sympathiser have Infiltrated the White House and agencies of the US Government and Obama may even be aware of it.

Americans have good reason for Fear and Anger of Obama's Military Targeting of American Citizens in general and his political opponents.  
Louie Gohmert Gets Why Some Texans Are Worried About a Military Takeover The Texas congressman is joining others in his state calling for the Pentagon to alter the Jade Helm 15 military exercises.

Military ops on U.S. soil raise martial-law fears Wal-Mart closures have citizens concerned
Violations of the Passie-Comittados Act

The people have very good reason to NOT Trust the Federal Authorities

Jade Helm Protest
Govenor Orders Texas guard to monitor military exercises over fears of federal takeover
Govenor Orders Texas guard to monitor military exercises over fears of federal takeover

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