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My Recently purchased "Israeli Tavor"
by Randal M. Bundy - 08 August 2014
Israeli Tavor
I am an avid Shooter and Hunter and my idea of a vacation is to get away from it all by escaping into the wilderness.  More often lately I have been doing this.

Now as far a weapons, my personal preferece is the AKM or what people mistaking call the AK-47. My AK's are AKMS which is simply the Paratrooper version with the folding but stock.  I developed a love of the AKMS when I was in a Recon Team assigned to an Millitary Intelligence Battalion of the 82nd Airborne Division which is home based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  Our standard issue weapon was the AKMS, and there was Arabic Script stamp on them, which told me they were bought from the Israelis who must have captured them from the from any one of the Arab Armys they fave fought and defeated.

The theory behind an American Recon Team carrying the standard issue weapon of their enemy in really is very logical.  Since recon teams often operate far behind enemy lines, the chances of being resuplied in the field in not very likely.  If you find yourself in an unexpected fire fight with an enemy patrol and you carry the M-4 with it's 5.56 mm rounds, then you are going to soon find yourself out of ammunitions.  At that point you will have to try to recover your dead enemy's weapon and ammunitions.  So why not eliminate all that  inconvienience and just carry the enemies weapon to begin with.

I will always have the AKMS since I have found it to be very reliable, rugged, idiot proof.  Further I also favore the 7.62 X 39 mm bullet as I have found that in ost cases it will put an enemy down quickly, where as with the 5.56 mm round their is more of a chance the enemy will survive at least long enough to fill your ass full of lead before he dies.  Also since the caliber is essentially the same as a 308 caliber round, which is one of the two most common rounds for hunting purposes, it is very suitable should you find the need, "bag a dear to secure your next meal.

However recently I have has bought and absolutely love the Israeli Tavor, as seen in the above photo.  It is in fact a 5.56 mm which in a caliber of weapon that in the past a swore I would be own  I have had this weapon at the range now on a regular basis so that I can get use to it.  I do like the bull pup configuration and the fact that the magazine is standard with the AR-15's or the M-4's, so they are very plentify.  I have looked at other bull pup weapons, but found that their magazines were propriatary.  This would have instantly turned the AR-15 fans completely off.  I think this was deliberate on the part of the Israelis as their weapons designed do always seem to be very logical.  If they had made the mistake of having propriatary magazines, then all of those millions of magazines the have in stock would end up being useless scrap metal.  Further more the Tavor is standard 5.56 Nato round.  Again, it makes a lot of sense.   The only thing that would be perfect for me, would be if they produced this weapon in a caliber of 7.62 x 39 mm, which I already have a consider stock of on hand and in reserve.  However that's ok, as I will be glad to invest in some 5.56 rounds.

if I fail to write articles for a while, it's because I will either be out at the range, or will have escaped out into the wilderness.  I am not talking about a little day trip out to the local Regulated State or National Park.  My idea of wilderness is perhaps the North West Territory or Alaska, where no matter what direction I am facing, I will be at least 100 miles aways from civilization and any other Human Being and the crap that goes along with modern day civilized society.  However I will have this Israeli Tavor with me as my New Friend and of course I will also have my old reliable friend with me too,  my standard AKMS too.


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