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French Jews Turning to Le Pen after Muslim Attacks
Marine Le Pen

Israel and The Jews
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  2. Bejamin Netanyahu Congratulations
  3. Oslo Peace Ring Organization Really all about Blaming Israel for attacks upon Jews in Europe
  4. Media Hoax called "Ring of Peace" at Oslao Synagogue
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  10. Kidnapped Israeli Youth Found Dead
  11. In Memoriam: Eyal Yifrah, Naftali Fraenkel & Gilad Shaar - Died 12 June 2014
  12. My Recently purchased "Israeli Tavor"
  13. Lament for American and The Entire World
  14. Susan Benjamin aka Medea Benjamin of Codepink Sometimes The Devil Wears Pink
  15. Anti-Semitism The Word
  16. Jews and and the Leftist Issues

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