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Survival and the Coming Crisis by Randal M. Bundy

Israel and HAMAS
(This War is inevitable and necessary for the Security of Israel
By Randal M. Bundy

(Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us. - Golda Meir)

(I love to contemplate and quote the words of Great people even though I may never be Great like they were.  It is the same as viewing the beautiful works of an artists.  I may not have the talent of the artist, but I can admire and benefit from the beauty of the artists work, the same as the quotes of the very gifted thinker. - Randal M. Bundy)

Time and time again we have witnessed HAMAS firing Rockets into Israel which are intentionally and directly targeting Israeli's civilian populations.  Of course the Rockets were smuggled into Gaza from  countries like Iran and Turkey in violation of all peace treaties and cease fire agreements.

How anyone could possibly take seriously and believe any treaty or agreement signed by HAMAS, is quite simply beyond being naive.  However that is what the international community and Israel's Allies are doing, particularly the idiot's of the European Union and of course the Obama Administration.  HAMAS has within into it's charter that it intends to destroy the State of Israel and Kill every single Jew in Israel.  It has never changed or altered that Charter or it's position and it has never denounced Terrorism.

So at this point what would Israel or anyone else logically have to talk about with HAMAS?  The burocratic fools from the International community, themselves do not suffer from having missiles raining down on them on a daily basis.  Yet they constantly do two things, First they constantly blame Israel for all conflicts and Second, they actually believe they can somehow serious believe that HAMAS will comply with an agreement of peace.  We who are intelligent and are aware of history have learned a long time ago, that it simply will never happen and history has by shown us this and it should be clear to all.  Any time HAMAS will actually agree to any peace treaty or a cease fire will simply be a becasue they are either defeated or out of bullets or missles or people to fire them.  It will be only a temporary period of peace for them replenish their depleated stocks of missiles and recruit by force new Palestinian Fighters which HAMAS will send out to charge headlong into the grinding machine of the Israeli Defense Forces.  HAMAS does not stand a chance of winning but they refuse to end the needless bloodshed of their own people and the destruction of their own society.

I do understand of course that most of the Palestinians are living totally under the brutal tyranny and dictatorship of HAMAS gangsters.  I also understand that the Palestinians, from the moment of birth until the moment of their dealths are subject to constant brainwashing and teaching of hate for the Jews and all Non-Muslims.  HAMAS is absolutely guilty of War Crimes on numerous levels.  First:  the deliberate targeting of Israeli Civilians,  Second: using their own Palestinian Civilian Populations as Human Shields,  Third storing and fire missiles from civilian locations and installations such as schools, play grounds, civilians houses, and the storing of missiles, weapons and ammunitions inside their own mosques.

HAMAS must be completely obliterated from the face of the earth, the same as unfortunately a Rabid Dog must be killed to protect others around them.  There is no cure for the illness of the fanatic, racists and uncontrollable Rabid Dogs of HAMAS so they must be removed from the rest of society who they victimise. They essentially can not be rehabilitated, just as Hitler and the leadership of the NAZI Party were unable to be rehibilited. 

Remarkable as it is the treason of the present Obama Administration toward our traditional ally, Israel is sourse of embarrassment and a great shame for of us Americans and an unforgivable act of betrayal of our allies by Obama and his Loyal Party Hacts.  It is clear to me that John Kerry, as well as the other members of the Obama administration are and have been for a very long time Anti-Israeli and Anti-Jewish.  Do not be confused by even some members of the Obama administration who are themselves Jewish, as John Kerry himself does have Jewish Ancestors.  This is a phenomenon among some leftists Jewish people who are guilty of being what is called, “Self Hating Jews”.  This phenomenon, although difficult for most of us to actually comprehend does exist.

Israel does have an absolute right as a state, a nation and a people to exist in Security, Peace and Prosperity, the same as any other people of this planet.  When that right is violated deliberately then they not only have the right to fight to protect themslevs and their country, they have an absolute duty, responsibility and obligation to do so.  They must fight and since they are a small nation surrounded by enemies on all sides, they can not, for one moment ever completely relax their defenses.  Their enemies never sleep and Israel must also never sleep, or at least they must, “Sleep with one eye open and their finger of the trigger of the weapons.


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