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Islamization of America?  
Pledge of Alegiance to the Flag in Arabic in American Public Schools

by Randal M. Bundy - 26 March 2015

From a resent headlines:  Town Outraged By School Reading Pledge Of Allegiance In Arabic.

Throughout the USA and Europe the slow creeping deliberate Islamization is occuring.  Of course the majority of the people in these countries do not want it, they reject islam and they also realize the threat that it presents to their free societies.  

The leftists-Liberal-Socialist-Multiculturalists pretend as though this is some sort of sharing of cultures, but Islam is a Piranha Religon and Doctrine and yes, the Arab Culture of Conquest is too.

Some of my ancesters were Welsh and French who immigrated to the United States.  They came here not speaking the language but within a short period of time, they learn to speak English.  The idea that somehow we should learn the language of the immigrants who come here is absolutely rubbish.  It is actually part of the overall plan of the leftists and their sort, to destroy the American culture and more particularly the white English speaking populations.  It is an assault upon us.  We see this with the imposing of Spanish to somehow make the immigrants of third world spanish speaking countries feel more welcomed?  I refuse and most of my fellow countrymen refuse.  They too have ancestors who came here, learned to speak the language and they embraced America and what it was and they proudly became Americans.

Now we are being assaulted by schools attempting to quietly introduce The Pledge of Allegiance being resighted in Arabic?  Of coure the people of the
Town are Outraged By the School Reading Pledge Of Allegiance In Arabic. it is the same smack in the face insult as attempting to take our Christian Children on school field trips to an Islamic Mosque and allowing and actually inviting them to pray, on the hands and knees, yes with their asses up in the air, in Muslim fashion.  Of course when they attempt to do this in the name of learning about other cultures, when discovered the parents of these students are outraged to the point to where they are ready to lunch the school officials who permitted and promoted such rediculousness.  In my opionion they should be strung up as an example of what will happen to the next idiot who attempts this obvious socieal engineering and Islamization of our children, our society and our country.

This is just one more example of the attempted Islamization of America
and the people who are behind it of course, is the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslims themselves but those who are going along with it and initiating it are our some of our own people who are leftists.  Those who over the past 50 years or so have creeped their way into every single aspect of our society and infiltrated every insitution soley for the purpose of destroying it from within.  

The reaction from my fellow Americans is refreshing to me and reasuring.  The people of the community were outraged, angry and combative and they all had damn good reason to be and I applaud them for that.  When we as a peaceful society and people are faced with utter destruction of our society by a hostile force that is bent upon destroying us, then the only rule left for us is, there are no rules. It is time to fight and if you fail, then your entire society, religion, your people and your loved ones are at risk of anniolation.  We did not start this war, but we are obligated to defeat anyone wishing to destroy us and yes that means "by any means necessary".
  Define that as you will because personally I do not care one little bit for those who themselves are at fault that it has come to this, becasue they are living by the words of a Satanic Doctrine that instructs them to kill us who refuse to convert to their belief system.  If you're like me, it took you a long time to finally wake up and open your eyes to the rreality of the beast that is squaring off against us, and what measures we must take to defeat that beast.  That beast who lives, breeds and fights us under no civilized rules of warfare.  How do you defeat that beast?  How do you defeat a "Mad Dog?

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