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Randal M. Bundy

Survival and the Coming Crisis by Randal M. Bundy

by Randal M. Bundy - 11 November 2014
Queen Elizabeth II
This week we learned of yet another Conspiracy of violence against Britain and the British People, by those of the so-called, "Religion of Peace"Terror Threat to Queen as Parade Plotters Arrested;  Plot to Kill Queen Foiled...;   Islamic terrororists planned to stab monarch to death...

Now keeping in mind of course these Muslims have been, in most cases granted asylum to live in Britain and others who have immigrated are in fact guests.  It's sort of like if you have a neighbor who unfortunately lost their home to foreclosure and their next step would be living on the streets as homeless people.  So out of the kindness of your heart you let these unfortunate souls come and live in your home.  You give them each a bedroom, share your living room, kitchen and bathroom with them and provide them with food until they can get back on their feet.  You even provide them with money for expenses to live on while they make a transition.  Then one day, yiou discover these people are plotting to kill you and your family and take over your house.  So what would you do?  For me, I would run their asses out into the streets emediately with the instructions for them to go find a bridge to live under and be trolls for all I care.  

Now can this be done on a grand scale such as with an entire ethnic group or religious groups such as the Muslims?  Even though they were granted assylum or permitted immigration to your country, Why not?  As I see it they have on an grand scale ciolated any terms of assylum and immigration.   Obviously it was a mistake on some bleeding heart liberals part long ago to even allow them entry and expose your own society and people to danger presented by them.  Obviously these people have no desire to actually become British people and embrace what Britain is and more obvious to all is that their mere presents in Britain places the entire British Population at risk, as well as the British Culture, Religion and Society in general which they intend to permanently altered for the worse.  Face it,  the situation looks pretty gloomy for the Britain and it's  people.

Now I know exactly how all this sounds to the average "bleeding heart liberal" and even to the "moderate".  It sounds sort of like "Hitler relocating the Jews", Right?  Well there is actually a sharp difference in what I propose and what Hitler did.  First off it should be obvious to all that if this issue is not addressed and dealt with in the manner that I suggest here, then in one or perhaps two generations, what I knew to be England and the Britain, will no longer exist.  What will have replaced it will be an Islamic Republic with Sharia Law and what was a civilized country and society that we all knew as Britain, where our ancestors originated from, will only exist in the pages of the History books.

Now I propose that since Islam rules in such vast areas of the Middle East, then find somewhere and some country that they can all go to and be happy amongst themselves, if they do not desire to return to Pakistan or where ever they originated from.  It is in fact a matter of the future survival of Britain and it's people.  Call it heartless if you will, I really don't care.  I would call anyone "blind or ignorant" if they fails to actually see that what I am warning of, will be the future of Britain if it is not dealt with now while you still have a chance to save yourselves.  It is like an ostrich burying it's head in the sand, so as not to see the danger that exists.  I see people walking around the streets of London, both officials as well as regular everyday people, with fake smiles on their faces and greeting Muslims in their country with the Islamic Greeting of, “salam alaikum.  These people actually think this will somehow convince the Muslims of their genuine and sincere intentions of the British people to accommodate them.  They don't care at all rather you are friends with them or not, that is not their intentions at all.
Head in the sand
The British people need to understand and assert that the hostility and incompatibility of the Muslims toward them and their society is in fact NOT the fault of the British people, nor the British Culture and society, it is within the Muslims and their ideology.  It is the same as the Problems of the past with the ideology of the Nazis, yet the solution to that conflict with the Nazis was NOT to invite a large numbers of the Nazi Party to come and live in Britain, was it?  What these people do not understand or are willing to admit is Muslim people have been taught by their parents, their religious leaders and their entire society from their first breath of life to hate all infidels, slaughter them, enslave their woman,  conquer their lands and Convert it to an Islamic State.  The Nazis had the belief and impression that they were "The Superior Race" and Muslims have the belief and impression that they are, "TheSuperior Religion".

How do you deal with that kind of people and people such as I have described. Well in the end you actually come to the realization that it is either they who will prevail or it will be them.  The desired end is to deport them back from where they came.  If they were born in your country and are Muslim, then they too can go back from where their ancestors came from or to any other Islamic Country in the Middle East, but anywhere that they will be no longer a thr4eat to the British people or anyone else.  Besides deep inside I think they would be happier to live in a Complete Islamic Society.  Perhaps somewhere like Saudi Arabia, Yemen perhaps.

Are these ideas so unbelievable?  Well they were not to the Muslims when they drove from their lands the Christians and Jews just a generation ago and few people have ever said a word about it.  It may not necessarily have been and organized and sanctioned deportation as we think of it as, but the Government did nothing to stop the deliberate persecution of the Jews and Christians and other non-Muslims at the hands of the Muslim Majority.  As a matter of fact in most cases the persecution was secretly organized and supported by the Governments themselves.  

To all of the leftists-Multicultural folks out there in the UK who were behind the importation of the Muslims into your country, are you now ready to admit the stupid mistakes you have made by actually listening the and complying with the United Nations.  Long ago I said that listening to the United Nations was going to lead All of Europe to their national suicide, but few people actually listened.  I was not alone and many people before me were saying the same thing and they were labeled as lunatics.  Behind it all were an assortment of third world countries who leaders were in fact Racist toward Europeans and their long term goal was the destruction of Europe by destroying the very fabric of European Society.  Their goal was the destruction from within.  Of course they sugar coated it all with Multiculturalism to make it more palatable, but at the core of it all was the elimination of White European Society.

Allowing Muslims especially to immigrate to your country in such massive hordes was like placing a loaded gun into the hands of your little 5 year old child to play while you leave to go wash the dishes.   It was only a matter of time before these European Countries such as France, Germany, Sweden, and yes even Britain found themselves overrun by the Muslims.  Now we see that in these immigrants are demanding that they be permitted to enact Sharia Law within their own communities and that their communities have only their own Police Forces within their communities, which means they do not comply with your laws.  However those of us who have studied history could have told you that this would have happened.  You see this is how they have acted through out history, in every single country where they have gained a foot hold or a beach head.

Now we see that the Queen herself is not safe within her own country and neither is the rest of the British Populous.  At some time the Real British people come to the realization they were in fact betrayed by their own leadership, their own citizens chosen to lead and protect them and their country.  At some time it becomes obvious to all Real British people that the Muslims are now and have always intended to Conquer Britain and the British people and if they follow the history of their ancestors this will mean either conversion to Islam or they will be slaughter.  Long before this conspiracy to kill the Queen, the warning signs were present.

I don’t know how more accurate to put it, except look at ISIS and what it is doing in Iraq and Syria.  Regardless of what any Political Leaders say, they are in fact complying 100% with what their Quran Instruct them to do and they intend to do the same to the Britain, as soon as they have enough of a population to overwhelm you.  Those who you like to think of as "Moderate Muslims, they will not help you, they will not fight on your side, they in fact will go along with the more radical elements within their society.  It is those so called moderate Muslim who actually give birth to the monsters who grow up and turn on you.

Pay very close attention to the middle east, in Iraq, Syria and even in places like Israel, because this will be coming to your streets of London eventually.  Maybe not in your immediate lifetime,  but your children and grandchildren will be facing the Monster known as Islam.  You may die peacefully in your bed at the end of your life but your children and Grandchildren will be fighting for their very existence the same as the Kurds, Christians, Yazidi and the Jews are right now in the middle east.

What I have said here today with regards to my British Audience also applies to all of European White Christian Societies.  Resistance is your only option as there is no where else to go, no where to flee to and the traitors in your own governments have allowed a hostile enmy to invade your lands.  If you think the Nazis were brutal, you haven't seen anything near to what the Muslims intend to do.  There is a war beginning to seed right now on your soil and it is a war of Annihilation in which YOU are the target.  You can either submit as a coward, die without a fight and allow your children and grandchildren to be enslaved or slaughtered or you can right now begin to rise up and take back your countries, you lands and throw the bastard traitors out of power in your country and throw the enemy of you people and society out of your countries.

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