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Islamic Mosques and Clerics are as Guilty as the Jihadist who
Beheaded American Woman in Oklahoma

by Randal M. Bundy - 27 September 2014
Alton Nolen
It has been determined that this Muslim Jihadist, Alton Nolen who committed the Beheading Murder in Oklahoma was connected to the same mosque that the Boston Bombers were connected to and that he was also connected to the Al Queda Leader Awalaki. as well.

Keeping in mind of course that I am NOT an attorney, although I am very familiar with the Law, as a former educated, trained and experienced Paralegal Investigator, it is clear to me that the Mosque Officials can and should be sued by the victims family and the Justice Department can and should pursue Criminal Prosecution of those and any Islamic Officials of the Mosque as well. 

Precedence has already been established in previous  and similar cases.  The fact that the Mosque is a Religious Institution and it’s officials are Religious Clerics does not constitute their immunity from Criminal Prosecution and Law Suits and being heald accountable for their crimes.  If it can be shown that the religious teachings and instructions to their constituents were in some way influential in the commiting of acts of violence, rather they end in death or not and thus the victims Constitutional Rights were intentionally violated.

There are many cases where Precedence has already been established but one in particular that stands out that I recall was the matter of the Organization, “Aryan Nations” which was established as a "Christian  Religious Institution" and it’s Pastor was “Richard Butler”.  The basic Doctrine of the Aryan Nations" was standard "White Seperatists Doctrine" which is “Separation of the Races” and “Preservation of the White Race against Racial assimilation with other races“.  In other words the same type of doctrine taught by "Louis Farrakhan" and the "Nation of Islam".
However the only difference between these two organizations ifs that in the Case of "Aryan Nations" the Press and Media refers to them as "White Supremists" and in the case of "Nation of Islam", no such similar term is applied by the Press and Media that should be applied such as "Black Supremist".

I recall the matter involving the Aryan Nations from many years ago where there was a Black man who had been assaulted, beaten unconscious and tied to the rear bumper of a pickup truck.  He was drug through the countryside which resulted in his death.  It was alleged that members of the “Aryan Nations” were the persons who committed this act of violence and murder.  It was further alleged that the Pastor who also owned the property where the Church  was physically located was also responsible as an accomplis because of his teachings and instructions he had given.

 In other words he too would be prosecuted even though he may not have played a physical or direct role in the assault and murder.  This was based upon the same premise as in cases of bankrobbery, where  the driver of a get-away-car participating in a bank robbery is held as accountable for the crime, even though he only drove the car.  That person is still guilty of bank robbery and should a death occur as a result of that bank robbery "going wrong", then they too are as guilty as if they themselves had pulled the trigger of the gun.

In the case of Richard Butler and the Aryan Nations, The Justice Department pursued criminal prosecution also against him as Leader of the “Aryan Nations” and the victims family pursued a Lawsuit on behalf of their deceased family member for violating his Constitutional Rights.  Both legal actions were successful and in the end, the property owned by the religious institution, “Aryan Nations” originally owned by Richard Butler was confiscated, sold and the proceeds handed over to the victims family.

So the precedence has already been established by this and other such cases.  The Mosque and it’s leadership and anyone else who provided influence, teachings and or instructions could and should be both Criminally Prosecuted and they should also be confronted with Law Suits and their property should be confiscated, and sold and the proceeds should be handed over to the victims family.

All Mosques and their Clerics who we all know are behind the violent Jihad being committed against us “Non-Muslims,  should be confronted with the same prosecutions that the rest of us would suffer if we had committed such Criminal Acts.  They can not hide behind the claimed Religious Immunity, when part of the activity of that religious institution is the Influencing, Teaching, instructing and sometimes providing material support for Crimes being committed against our populous.  I know for a fact that most of the Mosques in the USA and other Western country are also Islamic Warehouses of Weapons, Ammunitions and Demolitions for eventual use in their planned Violent Jihad against those haste countries they have migrated to.

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