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Islamic Invasion, Fake Refugees and History
by Randal M. Bundy - 29 Auguest 2016

.........It is true. Russia lives by a code and that code Does NOT include conversations with their enemy. Kill my mother and I will kill your entire family. Invade my country and you will NOT even get the bodies returned to you. Kill 100 of my people and I will kill 1,000 of yours and I will erase your village from the earth. If it was up to me, Mecca and Medina would right now be nothing but a pile of Glass in the Desert. - Sand, turns to glass at temperatures of 3,200 degrees Fahrenheit. A nuclear Blast produces heat of 100,000,000 Celsius - no 72 Virgins for any of them.

We are fighting the forces of Evil, call it Satan's Legions if you wish, Call it the classic Struggle between Good and Evil. The fact is no one in their right mind or who has studied world history believes for a moment that these people's hearts can be changed simply because we extend to them kindness and friendship.  They have 1,400 years of Barbarism, Conquest and Destruction to all they come into contact with. They will kill you, they will kill all of us, including our children.

Muslims are on a course of destruction that can not be stopped by anything short of their death and total defeat and isolation for those who survive.  Isolation away from the rest of the population on this planet.  Ask the Buddhists, Ask the Hindu, And the Sikhs, ask the Middle Eastern Christians and Yazidhi.  Isolation of them for the protection and safety of your own people, society and country. When you have a rabid dog do you approach that rabid dog and try to pet it, bring it into your house with your family, your children and feed it and give it a home? Of course Not.

I have read numerous news reports of bleeding heart liberals who support refugees from Muslim countries and brought their own teenage daughters with them on expeditions into the refugee camps of Muslims to help them, bring them food, clothing, water and supplies only to be killed and their daughters raped before they were killed.

I remember the case of a female reporter who was in Egypt at the time of Obama's sponsored "Arab Spring". She was trying to conduct interviews with the local in the center of the town during riots. There were no police to be found anywhere. The camera crew were beaten unconscious and she was brutally gang raped by the Muslims.

All of these things are NOT isolated Incidents, regardless of what the mainstream media and Obama would like for you to believe. These incidents are systemic within the Muslim world when they are dealing with Non-Muslims. We have seen what happened in Germany with the Rape of Hundreds of German woman for a period of three days or so of lawlessness and the government of Angela Merkel wants to hide it from the public and even insists that more Muslims so called "Refugees" be brought in.

There are countless cases like these I have mentioned here that are happening all over Europe, United Kingdom, Canada, United States and everywhere muslims migrate to. The host country and people pay a terrible price for this stupidity and negligence of their political leaders Political Correctness and rediculous and suicidal
efforts of  Multiculturalism.

In India not too long ago, 2.4 Million Hindu Indian's were slaughtered by Muslims during a period of Riots lasting for some time. And lets also NOT forget to mention the slaughter of millions of Christians by the Turks during the final days of the Ottoman Empire.

How quickly so many people are willing to forget the lessons of history. How easily it is for them to only take note when they personally or their immediate family members are the victims.

Russia's Putin has made it very clear in his statement that if the Muslims attack and kill his people then he will kill them all. The world will not be at loss when he does this and few tears will actually be shed.