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Randal MacNiall Bundy
Randal M. Bundy, Editor
Islam = Shariah Law = Oppression
by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2013 by Randal M. Bundy (does not inclide photos)
Excerpt from a speech given at a University during September 2013, which recieved a standing ovation from the audience

Islam is NOT now, nor has it every been a Peaceful Religion, nor is it a religion at all.

Islam is a Cult of a False Prophet, an Ideology of Conversion by the Sword, and a Doctrine of world Domination by Forced invented by a psychopathic Mad Man.  The very meaning of the word itself, Islam means to submit the same was a slave would submit and Islam also means to surrender as a defeated and conquored people would ssurrender, but we are neither slave nor shall we ever  surrender to the forces of Darknes known in this world as Islam.

Islam is not compatible with any sane and free society which has as its core the ideals of Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Equality of the Sexes or any elements of Human Rights.

Through out the entire history of Islam, every country which has admitted the followers of Islam, the Muslims to enter their country, either as refugees or as immigrants has either had to expel them by force in order to preserve freedom or they have been conquered and enslaved by them.

Islam has declared War against the Free World over 1,400 years ago and it has never ceased that War and it has never denounced it's aim of World Domination.

If you do not Resist and Fight Islam and the Muslims, then you will either be slaughtered by the Forces of Islam or you will be forced to submit to Islam and you and your ancestors will be slaves.  

This War between Islam and the Rest of the World is the classic War between the Forces of Light and the forces of Darkness.   I say again so that none of us shall ever forget,  the very word Islam means to submit as slaves and to surrender as defeated and conquored people, but we are neither slave nor shall we ever surrender,  not to islam nor any other of the forces of Evil. 

Islamic Forces of Darkness and Evil
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