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Islam, Muslim Refugees and Immigrants Equal National and Societal Suicide
by Randal M. Bundy - 24 March 2016
Islam and the Muslim Refugees and Immigrants National and Societal Suicide
I agree entirely that All of the present Terrorist Attacks are committed BY MUSLIMS.  I also know that it is impossible to sort out among them who the Terrorist are today and who WILL be the Terrorists of Tomorrow.  I also assert that the Ideology of Islam itself is what Breeds Terrorist and it is found right there in the book that each and everyone who calls themselves a Muslim subscribes to. 

I do NOT accept the fact that, "Many American Muslims fought and died for this country" and I pass that statement off as brainwashing from the Bleeding Heart Liberals of the World who have fantasies of it actually being a fact, instead of facing the reality that we have among the vast majority of Muslims, sleeper cells rather they are organized as such or not.  We simply have to weigh the value of what few Muslims have served in our military against the acts of Terrorism we are subjected to by having them live among us.  We also must weight the other crimes committed by them against our people such as rape, robbery, Assaults and Murder.  A simple analysis should be proof enough that the risks out weigh any contribution Muslims may inadvertently contribute to our society. 

It goes back to the Ideology of Islam itself and brainwashing their populous from the Cradle to the Grave. Consider the simple principle of "The Manchurian Candidate" who was brainwashed by the Communists and we all know that was in fact a reality.  The Communists got a hold of American POW's and conducted brainwashing extensively and that was successful against people who were not raised as Communists. 

Now consider people who were indoctrinate by Islamist since infancy.  The first words out of their mouths most likely were, "allahu akbar".  The same words you will hear from a suicide bomber right before he or she pulls the pin that will activate a suicide bomb and blow up innocent and unarmed civilians, including woman, children and old people who are non-combatants. I am absolutely adamant that when I say every single Muslim is raised like this and it is inherent in them from the cradle to the grave. 

Now consider that along with that ideology is the constant reinforcement of a belief within Islam that you, the Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu or name your religion is inferior to Muslims and consider the Base Principle among Arabs in general that they are superior to all Muslims. 

As for the notion that "Many American Muslims fought and died for this country" where are the actual statistics and site your sources and circumstances. 

It is a Myth that we can ever be able to safely live along side such polar opposite types of people.  It might work when they are not is such vast numbers where they take over entire sections of cities and then declare those sections to be entirely Muslim ONLY areas, while they of course demand to have complete access to the rest of the entire cities and areas. 

We understand the Leftists involvement in all of this because the Leftists want to destroy our society and they are counting on the Muslims Helping them accomplish that stated goal of theirs.  We do not however understand the Bleeding Heart Liberals among us who are willing to gamble upon sacrificing our society and risking the lives of our people, including our children, including their own children too and our future generations.  For what, so that they, the Bleeding Heart Liberals can simply "FEEL” like they are tolerate, generous and accommodating toward all?  Including the ones who we know will see us all buried in mass graves, without one single tear being shed for us or our children or our people or our society?  

It does not take a sensible and rational person long to conclude that when we know who and what the source of the majority of Terrorist attacks are, that that source must be contained somewhere other than right here among our vulnerable Population and our society. We have no real obligation to permit anyone to immigrate to our countries, especially when it will be National and Societal Suicide to do so and to place our own populations at Risk of imminent danger.