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Randal MacNiall Bundy
Randal M. Bundy, Editor
Islam and the Threat to YOU and the Entire World
by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2013 by Randal M. Bundy (does not inclide photos or videos)

Sometimes words are not enough to illustrate a point.  So instead I will show you video evidence that one of the real threats to this entire world is Islam itself.  It is true, "not all muslims are Terrorists, but almost all terrorists are muslims.  It is also true that not All muslims are evil, but the religion that they adhere to is "Evil in it's purist Form".  Most Muslims adhere to this religion because they were forced to, usually by birth.  Those muslims who are converts to islam are obviously mentally ill in some form or another.  A sane man or woman, who has actually reads the quran and studies the history of islam must certainly realize that it is not a religion, but a cult of evil, destruction, enslavement and doom.  So on these following videos I will be showing you want islam really is.  
 The making of  Islamic Monsters from early childhood
What creates these Monsters we see who are muslims?  It begins in early childhood with indoctrination and brainwashing.  Witness here a sampling of the tactics of brainwashing.   It is much more than child abuse.  Violent punishment is the result for even minor infractions.  By the time the child is an adult they are psychologically damaged and often insane from the torture and brainwashing sustained through out their childhood.

Louis Gohmert: Radical Islamists are pretending to be be Hispanic so they can enter the US

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