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Islam and the Secrets of the Mosque
22 Islamic Terrorist Training Camps in the USA

FBI knows of, but doing NOTHING about and Congress seems unconcerned or they are scared they might OFFEND Muslim.

by Randal M. Bundy - 14 January 2015
22 Islamic Terrorist Training Camps in the USA
It is a well known fact that probably every single Islamic Mosque in the United States is nothing more than a Warehouse of Arms, Ammunitions and Explosives for future use against The United States and it's citizens.  These Mosques are also centers of radicalization as well as centers of organizing of Harassment and intimidation against Muslims who may not be active in the supporting of Islam.   However what is generally uncommon knowledge is the Mosque's Financial and Organizational Involvement in 22 Terrorist Training Camps inside the United States.

In other words should one particular Muslim family come to the united states and set up a business or obtain employment, they are automatically expected to join their local mosque, provide regular payments to that Mosque and the fake charities it sponsors and the money is sent organizations that fund terrorist attacks against Non-Muslims. 

Should Muslim, either individually or by family unit be in noncompliance, they all are pretty well experienced in what could very well happen to them by the Islamic Community members who are members of the local mosque.  It is like the old Mafia Insurance Policy, pay your monthly insurance fee or your family business could very well be in flames while you’re sleeping or perhaps you and your family will become targets in the many other creative ways they can think of to punish a Muslim who wanders away from the flock and not show up at the Mosque and contribute a portion of your income to their cause. 

Each Mosque also has an Intelligence operation with hand picked and trusted members whose sole job it is to accumulate the names, address and family information of every single Muslim within a certain area which is under the jurisdiction of that Mosques.  The areas are intentionally overlapping to insure that no one is missed in the netting stem that is established.  In other words the Imams are all in communication with one another.  If a particular person who is Muslim but has abandoned their Muslim faith, they will eventually and usually in a short period of time be approached by someone representing the Imam and in a friendly manner be invited to the local Mosque.  If that person says, “well I a member of this other Mosque”, then a phone call will be placed to verify if that is true.  If it is false, then another friendly visit will be paid to the individual at his home and he will be advised that it is after all important to the health of his family members that he and all of his family members to attend regularly scheduled events at the mosque and pay the expected about of money that he is obligated to pay. 

In other words the message is very clear to the Muslim Man.  Now what is his option?  Obviously the Mosque has figured out who he is, where he lives and it is not too difficult to find out everything they want to know about him and his family.  How on earth did the Mosque gather this information?  Well it really is quite easy by just copying his vehicle license plates, after all the have members of the Mosque who work in the Department of Motor Vehicles that will be glad to provide any information the Mosque wants.

Now furthermore on the subject of Businesses owned and operated by Muslims who as we are quite sure are in full compliance with all of the Mosque’s expectations and requirements of their members, that business is required to purchases all of it products which it sells from authorized wholesale distributors who we also know are in fact members of the very same Mosque.  Should that Muslim business owner run afoul of the Mosque, it is again easy for the Mosque Representatives to pick up a phone and call that wholesale distributor and you will get no deliveries and you might as well close the doors to your business and turn out the lights because your out of business.  This is in fact the way the Mosque’s practice a Mafia Style Enforcement against ALL Muslims within their designated areas of jurisdiction. 

Now in addition to an Intelligence Branch of operations the Mosque also has an enforcement Branch who are the thugs who will eventually be paying a late night visit to anyone not in compliance.  You might refer to them also as the Sharia Compliance Forces.  What is the Muslim going to do, pick up a phone and call the local Police Department?  We should all know pretty well how that has always worked out in the Italian Community if any Italian Immigrant were to call the local Police Department to Report the Local Mafia putting the squeeze on them while they were trying to run their little local Italian Restaurant.   They would be found dead along the New Jersey Shoreline or buried somewhere in the New Jersey Countryside and their bodies never found.  The Italian Mafia could only have dreamed about such a vast structured Criminal Enterprise as the Local Mosque’s that exist. 

It is the same with any particular Muslim, rather they run a business or if the simply are employed at the local McDonalds, all must pay to the Mosque and all must be members.  What is that person decides to actually work for the FBI, or the local Police Department, or perhaps the Justice Department or even become a member of the United States Armed Forces, or any Government Job?  Well that is just fine with the Mosques, after all they will be very useful to the Mosque and it’s intelligence organizations, plus the too will be attending the Mosques as expected of them.  Additionally each and every one of them also knows that they too are not exempt and neither will their family members be safe.  Even if the Imam is arrested for any criminal activity, well there will be another one to replace him who will follow the already well established coarse that has already been established.  Loose one or two and the machine will just keep on running the way it always has.

You probably have never heard of this “Secrets of the Mosques” but the FBI knows that it exists, The CIA knows that it exists, The Government knows that it exists and yet they are either incapable or unwilling to do anything about it.  It is like putting a band aid on a severed limb, it’s just not going to be very effective against a system that has existed longer than the Italian Mafia has.  The Mosques and unspoken and unknown Secrets have been active like I have described for over 1,400 years of Islamic History and the FBI, CIA, NSA, Justice Department or name any of your choice of three letter alphabet agencies of the Government.  They are impotent and unable to do anything about it.

In summery, to understand how the Mosques and the own Islamic Mafia system works, you must view it the same as you would the inner working of the Italian Mafia has always worked.  It is after all the  Mosques who created this type of system in the first place.  Remember history teaches us that Sicily was conquered and occupied by the Muslims began in 827.  By 831 the Muslims took Palermo, which became the capital of the new Muslim province.  The Muslims Conquest and Occupation of Sicily continued until 902, when the last major Byzantine stronghold on the island, Taormina, fell.  Isolated fortresses remained in Byzantine hands thereafter, but the island was henceforth under Muslim rule until conquered in turn by the Normans in the 11th century.

Under Muslim rule, Sicily eventually formed a semi-independent emirate. The island's Muslim community survived the Norman conquest in the 1060s and eventually when the Muslim Population began to out pace the Native Italians population the Muslims attempted to gain total control but the attempt uprising failed and they were deported to Lucera in the 1220s.

During all of this time, it was here that the Italian Mafia was born as an Underground Resistance Movement against Muslim Occupation, yes they were Christian Freedom Fighters back in those days.  The Native Italians learned of the entire structure of the Mosque type system and they elaborated somewhat on it.  It is also true of course that much of how they had structure the Italian Mafia was based somewhat on the old Roman Legions in so far as command and structure of hierarchy as well as guerilla tactics, as toward the very end of Muslim Occupation, the Muslims found that it was nearly impossible to travel anywhere on the Island of Sicily without being slaughtered by the Mafia and it’s tentacles were everywhere, as was it’s intelligence Operatives and Enforcers.
Randal M. Bundy

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