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American Retaliation with - "Air Conditioner Jihad"
CAIR Calls in Feds over possible "Hate Crime" against....."Their Air Conditionaer
Unit", ha,ha,ha Shall we refer to this as An Air Conditioner Jihad?
        The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)–a group founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood and designated as a terrorist organization in the UAE is concerned that damage to a Manassas, VA mosque’s air conditioning unit is a result of a possible anti-Muslim “bias motive,” the group said in two separate press releases from its national branch this week.
        One statement came before and one a day after the slaughter of four Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee, by Kuwaiti-born Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez.
        CAIR, which claims to be an advocacy group for American Muslims, has taken a deep-dive into the investigation, dedicated national resources towards finding out the possible motives behind the purported vandalism to the Virginia mosque’s air conditioning unit.

Expansive visa programs make it 'impossible to track them all'
The FBI failed to stop another terror attack, this time in Chattanooga, and the pressure building on the bureau from President Obama’s reckless immigration policies may be reaching a boiling point, say security experts.

The Mark of the Beast Documentary
Islam and Muslims - The Demonic Legions
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